What slang should newbies know?


There are so many TLA’s and specialty words out there - when you throw in the slang we’ve all picked up on here and there, concealed carrying/training/shooting has its own language.

What slang terms should someone new to shooting know?

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Booger hook=finger
Bang switch=trigger​:grin::grin::grin:

Seriously though
EDC=every day Carry
IWB=Inside the Waistband
OWB=Outside the Waistband


IDPA - International Devensive Pistol Association - but often used to refer to a particular type of action shooting competition (theoretically mimicking real-life scenarios)

IPSC - say “ip-sick” - International Practical Shooting Confederation - also often used to refer to a particular type of action shooting competition (can be real or imaginary shooting scenarios)

USPSA - United States Practical Shooting Association - a wing of IPSC

Run-and-Gun - IDPA or IPSC type move-and-shoot competitions

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and “clip” … … …
…sigh… magazines are NOT clips
if you have a CLIP and a Semi-Auto Pistol - that clip better be in your hair, or on your papers, because it isn’t holding the rounds in your firearm. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
If we’re talking rifles… well, you might have a stripper clip there, or maybe have a full-moon clip holding the rounds for your revolver, but not on your Glock. (thank you hollywood :wink: )

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The best thing to learn is the parts of a weapon so you can order parts or ask questions when you’re purchasing a new firearm. Learn your holsters for the same reason. And any other time use common language especially if you have to use your weapon. A lot of people don’t understand the slang we use so it can confuse them. If you plan to go to a gun show fire away (no pun intended) with all you can use with your fellow gun addicts as I’m one! As a first responder I have slang for everything but we have learned over time that common language especially durning an event works extremely well no confusion when all hell is breaking out. Just educate yourself with everything you can, practice, practice and train that is whats important.


Well done zee.
Another typed of CLIP is the END BLOCK CLIP used in the M 1 GARAND,semi automatic battle rifle,designed by John moses Browning, used from WWII to Vietnam. It
When you LOAD THEM , the last round should be high on the right side. Next comes the tricky part.
To drop the BOLT of the ACTION, you must make your right hand like knife hands with your fingers straight, push back with the little finger against the bolt handle.
RACK THE ACTION. Now, with your thumb push down the FALLOWER. Then quickly release the BOLT, you gotta be fast or you will get the dreaded M1 THUMB. Worst case scenario the user may loose the tip of their right thumb, not pretty.
I put in capital letters some slang that my help.
Oopsie. What I just posted is not slang, but still useful for any nuggets,( new people ) out there. Bench shooters), they sit on a bench and Bragg about their expertise. When they say they shot sub MOA AT 500 YARDS, ( sub minute of angle), cut it in half.
Stove pipe, when the spent cartridge doesn’t eject but only hangs vertical open end up in the ejection port.

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Range pony= equal to pavement princess for truck. Looks great but will never put in a hard days work

Keyboard operators: these guys watch all the well know youtubers and think that counts as actual trigger time. They dog any piece of equipment that isn’t top dollar.

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I like it sheep dog!


:blush: why thank you @Curtis :smiley: and how could I have missed “stove pipe”? been there done that, a bunch (yeesh)


Limp wrist: usually the cause of a stove pipe or failure to feed.

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true :smile: I’ll own it… I’m MUCH better now :smiley:
…and an awesome addition to the slang list :+1:


Almost forgot
Tacticool-Having all the latest “tactical” gear, and still can’t hit the broadside of a barn.


Also tries to conceal carry wearing tactical boots, 5.11 pants and a grunt style shirt with a “operator” cap. FYI it’s not the gun that’s printing

When you carry what clothes do you wear?

@45IPAC @Sheepdog556 :rofl:

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Fanboy: anything other than brand “X” is trash and you’re risking your life going with any other brand.

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Thanks! I’m not in the competitive shooting area, so this is definitely helpful for me!

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“Spray and Pray” - sending a lot of lead down range without much skill or aiming in hopes of hitting something


That one always makes me think of action movies, @Zee. Lol!

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