What Legal Questions/Concerns Do You Have About Carrying?

Unfortunate but largely true in modern America. If they allow carry they have exposure liability should an employee go postal but none if they don’t allow it and someone comes in to shoot the place up.

Exactly bassackwards.

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They also have far less of a chance of over penetrating and causing secondary casualties as a result vs FMJs or Solid Hard Cast.


I would find a way to avoid signing any such documents if I could and still keep my job.

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Here is what I’m wondering right now. In a informational video posed by uscca about how any type of customization or modifications to a firearm can and will be used against you in an unfortunate event. Basically understood it as anything other than a plain black firearm could spell more hurdles.
I usually do NOT advertise that I carry or what I carry but in this instance… My edc is a Sig Sauer p938 we the people edition. It is 2 tone black and stonewashed silver engraved with 76 on left side slide, we the people on right side, and the Betsy Ross 13 stars on top of the slide, 25 stars on each grip 50 total. (Very classy if you ask me.)
I bought this particular pistol bc I was looking for something small light thin in 9mm. This one fits in my hand like a glove, (I’m a really tiny guy🤣) at the time this p938 we the people was what was available at the time that felt right in every way.
Having said all this the firearm is completely stock from factory. Yet it’s not all black or even just 2 tone. There is character to it. From a legal standpoint just for that simple fact could this spell a major hurdle in an unfortunate situation?
It’s not like Im carrying around a pistol all done up to resemble “Deadpool” (I liked the one I seen) nothing “tacticool” about it. Should I reconsider my EDC or would it kinda be a stretch to be used against me? I’m a full time single father and I really just don’t want any problems and yet it’s financially tough so if I really don’t have to purchase a different pistol out of fear the one I have now could damn me in court.

Great question, @Jarred, I know the exact gun you’re referring to. Here’s what it looks like straight from Sig’s website:

It is a stock firearm, you haven’t embellished it with anything “killing” or “murder” or even “deadpool”. A decent self-defense attorney will be able to show that it is stock and you can articulate why you bought that firearm:

That’s why we should choose a firearm - it fits us, we’re comfortable with it, and we shoot it well.

You shouldn’t have too much of an issue - but that all depends on the circumstances of the incident and the attitude of the prosecuting attorney.


Thank you so much Dawn, this has been very helpful.

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Illinois law is you can’t have a weapon showing at all in a vehicle. Must be concealed at all times. You are correct about not stepping out of vehicle with sidearm.


Shouldn’t be a problem.

What you need to avoid are “Punisher” logos, and statements like “Kill’m all and let God Sort’m Out”.

I would not be concerned with anything that is simply patriotic particularly on a stock firearm.

You simply want to avoid anything that a prosecutor could use against you painting you as being trigger happy or that shows prior intent/premeditation to commit a crime.

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Did this change? The last time I looked it up as a ccl holder in Wisconsin I could travel through the state of Illinois with it exposed on the passengers seat as long as I was in the vehicle

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Section 5. Definitions. As used in this Act:
“Concealed firearm” means a loaded or unloaded handgun carried on or about a person completely or mostly concealed from view of the public or on or about a person within a vehicle.