What Legal Questions/Concerns Do You Have About Carrying?

In NJ:

“Hollow-point and armor-piercing ammunition is prohibited.”

To go through IL carrying a firearm if you do not have an IL CCW:

(e) Nothing in this Act shall prohibit a non-resident from transporting a concealed firearm within his or her vehicle in Illinois, if the concealed firearm remains within his or her vehicle and the non-resident:
(1) is not prohibited from owning or possessing a
firearm under federal law;
(2) is eligible to carry a firearm in public under
the laws of his or her state or territory of residence, as evidenced by the possession of a concealed carry license or permit issued by his or her state of residence, if applicable; and
(3) is not in possession of a license under this Act.
If the non-resident leaves his or her vehicle unattended, he or she shall store the firearm within a locked vehicle or locked container within the vehicle in accordance with subsection (b) of Section 65 of this Act.
(Source: P.A. 98-63, eff. 7-9-13; 98-600, eff. 12-6-13; 99-78, eff. 7-20-15.)

I’d suggest talking to an IL law enforcement officer or attorney for their specific interpretation of the law. They will have a better understanding of how those laws are applied.

Thank you Dawn for protecting my injured limp body (or was it just that you wanted to shoot the Sig).


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Ok, so what if @DBrogue’s sig is a stolen firearm used in previous multimillion dollar jewelry heists? Still covered?

Lol! There are a million different variations to the scenario, and I won’t be able to give you a solid answer as there are at least 50 different versions of law that will be considered.

One thing to keep in mind is that most prosecutors will use the reasonable person test. What would a reasonable person do in this type of situation.

Thanks Dawn, I really didn’t want to give up my good looking evil twin for the jewelry heists.

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:You’ll have to read the statutes to be sure but I believe Illinois requires a lockbox.

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Unless it can be shown you had knowledge that the gun was unlawfully in your possession or that you knew he possessed it unlawfully you would have no criminal liability.

Possession of stolen property statutes all require your knowledge the item was stolen.

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You are correct, it has to be in a locked vehicle or locked container (makes me think of locking saddlebags on a motorcycle).

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Any lockable box you can secure inside the vehicle should suffice. You can easily use any lockable gun box with a short cable securing it underneath the seat and should be fine.

You definitely would not want to have it in plain view in the vehicle while you’re out of the vehicle boxed or not.

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In Illinois, they modified the “legal transportation” definition when ccw became legal. You can store a fully loaded magazine, in the same case as the gun, as long as the gun itself is unloaded. The “case” can be any latch able container. Including the console, or glove compartment, as long as you lock the vehicle. So, for all of you non-Illinois residents, you can safely and without worry travel through this state, with a pistole’ in the glove compartment or console, even without a ccw license, as long as there’s no ammo in the gun itself. With a ccw license, it can be on your person, as long as you don’t exit the vehicle. Sorry, my state sucks.


So… my lockable jotto holster that is bolted to the truck floor, and which prevents removal of my firearm is legal for storage, as long as the firearm is unloaded?

Unfortunately, no. It has to be enclosed, and out of sight. But, even a portable shaving bag or something similar qualifies. I know, the Jotto would be more secure, but, Illinois lawmakers are not known for common sense.

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:thinking: wonder if I can just zip a bag over the Jotto…

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It was “fun” to travel through Illinois this last weekend on a motorcycle…


I have a CCW And a friend, I have know all His life made a big mistake and got a Felony, He done his time and His turn His life around. When I’m with Him I leave my firearm at home. Because I don’t want Him to go back to jail because I have a firearm on me, and I don’t want to go to jail. What dose the Law say about this. It I have control of the firearm. and I was in the car with Him. ( I have not been able to find anything about this.)

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@dawn? Can you invite the legal team to comment?

I wish they would.

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I have a question about laws in Louisiana that I can’t seem to get a definitive answer. I know you can’t carry in schools, USPS office, courthouse, police stations. But, how are ‘no guns allowed’ signs enforced? Say a private business puts a no guns allowed sign on their door.

I have gotten two answers on this, and can’t find a good answer on the Louisiana State Police website. (State police issues permits in LA) One theory is if an employee sees your gun, they can ask you to leave, and if you don’t you are trespassing. (makes sense to me) Another CHL instructor told me you could lose your permit if someone sees your gun…

Of course, while I don’t like companies that don’t like legal carry, I respect their right to do so, and simply go elsewhere, or disarm. My concern is if I don’t see the sign, if asked to leave and that is it, no problem, I will leave. If it could have legal ramifications, that would be different.


R.S. 40:1379.3 (N) states that no concealed handgun may be carried into and no concealed handgun permit issued pursuant to this Section shall authorize or entitle a permittee to carry a concealed handgun in any of the following:

  • A law enforcement office, station, or building;
  • A detention facility, prison, or jail;
  • A courthouse or courtroom, provided that a judge may carry such a weapon in his own courtroom;
  • A polling place;
  • A meeting place of the governing authority of a political subdivision;
  • The state capitol building;
  • Any portion of an airport facility where the carrying of firearms is prohibited under federal law, except that no person shall be prohibited from carrying any legal firearm into the terminal, if the firearm is encased for shipment, for the purpose of checking such firearm as lawful baggage;
  • Any church, synagogue, mosque or similar place of worship; See RS 40:1379.3 (U)
  • A parade or demonstration for which a permit is issued by a governmental entity;
  • Any portion of the permitted area of an establishment that has been granted a Class A-General retail permit, as defined in Part II of Chapter 1 or Part II of Chapter 2 of Title 26 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes of 1950, to sell alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises.
  • Any school “firearm free zone” as defined in R.S. 14:95.6.

The provisions of R.S. 40:1379.3 (N) shall not limit the right of a property owner, lessee, or other lawful custodian to prohibit or restrict access of those persons possessing a concealed handgun pursuant to a permit issued under this Section. No individual to whom a concealed handgun permit is issued may carry such concealed handgun into the private residence of another without first receiving the consent of that person." http://www.lsp.org/handguns.html#prohibited

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The gov’t entities restrictions come with felony penalties if you violate them.

The way I understand the law for private entities is that if it’s posted and you come on in and are caught you have to leave, if you refuse then it’s trespass violation.

There is no mention of lawful signage in the statutes or that they are enforceable under law.


This was my understanding. If I find any different info, I will post what I find.

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