What is your religion and why?

I’m sorry, that doesn’t look like a definition of “social construct.”

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Okay, whatever.

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Maybe this will help you.

I know the dictionary definition of the term. I asked how you are using it.

I’m also curious about your participation in this thread. You don’t seem to have answered the thread’s question.

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The thread asked people to address:

I think what I said does just that.

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Comments that are personally attacking will be flagged and removed. Please see the Community Guidelines for further details.

We do not expect everyone to agree on everything. We do expect the conversation to stay civil, on-topic and discussing the ideas, not personally attacking someone because they have different views.

A productive conversation doesn’t always agree, but it does stay on-topic and have a level of civility so that all involved and reading it can learn from a variety of views.

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read… the Koran/Quran tells ya why there can be no peace between the Jews and the Muslims…

also many blame the Jews for the death of Jesus… never mind that it was for told and required…

for our salvation… the list goes on… but ya gotta dig for it… sorta an ethnic cleansing thing…



You’re in the Miscellaneous section.

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If you don’t want to discuss religion, why did you open this thread?

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That’s no big deal. If someone wants to wish the blessings of Zeus or Thor or Cthulu on me, it doesn’t annoy me one bit. I don’t have to share someone’s religion in order to accept their well wishes.

Now if someone wishes the curses of a deity upon you, you may have cause for offense.


I believe there is a growing c
Population of people looking for any excuse to say they’re offended. Stop wearing your feelings on your shoulders. You’re not helping.

Oh I get where you’re coming from. I used to feel the same way. I’m over it, now. I don’t expect anyone to think like me, anymore. These days, I’m just grateful for anyone who isn’t trying to take my money.

Look at it this way, if I said “may the force be with you,” would you expect the mods to intervene?

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So, Do you really think you have the answers to the question? Even when Christ was on the earth we were nothing but pea brain knuckleheads. We could not do anything right and nothing has changed. God is shaking his head just like dad did when I was 18 saying to himself, “I told him and warned him and there he goes!” Later when we grow up we think to ourselves, Gee golly, I now understand what he was saying, dad did know what he was talking about!
We go about and try our best to understand him and then there are Catholics, Baptists, Mormons, Buddhists, Jews, and on. It does talk about the seven churches in Revelations and each church had their own problems. I have to say it though, Enoch and Elijah knew God and walked with God and they went to be with God without dying. How well do you know God?

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Never been a cheek turner. I’m rough cut, in your face. I did pick up some polish along the way but sometimes the sharp edges cut thru bullshit. I’ve gotten in to bloody fist fights over less. Its hard to be a lamb if you were a wolf. It’s everyone’s right to do what ever they want behind
Closed doors I just don’t want to hear about it. Oh well, happy thoughts. I will try to be more understanding that people mean no harm by offering their blessings nor do they understand how offensive it is. ( Amen )

Let’s look at this as it would pertain to a discussion about the Second Amendment.

Should the USCCA members vote and decided what one gun manufacturer every member can own have? Or should it be only one specific model of handgun?

When someone says try a Glock should it be offensive to Sig owners? I love my Sigs and I enjoy a lighthearted, joking banter about the Sig/Glock battle. But I know when someone says they love their Glocks they’re doing so because it works for them. They’re sharing the gun they believe in. There’s no ill intent.

When someone says “Have a blessed day” they’re wishing the best for you. They’re not telling you to buy the religion, it’s their way of saying I hope everything good comes your way today. They’re not to convert you. There’s no ill intent, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Their intent is they want you to have the best and are sharing it in a way that they 100% believe in.

There are so many amazing people in this Community who truly want the best for everyone, it’s a very unique thing to be a part of especially in today’s social climate.

I welcome it when people say “Have a blessed day,” “May the force be with you,” “Sending positive thoughts your way,” or any other way people are sending their best wishes to me – I welcome all of the positive sentiment shared with me because their intent is to help me. And, trust me, there are days I need all the positive vibes I can get. :smiley:

This is only my opinion.


AMEN sister :+1::+1:

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In the name of Colt, Browning, and Winchester. May Pope John Paul Sauer smile upon thee. Amen.

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@Dawn - thou rocketh. Thank you for being our Community Manager. This place would be a lot less sane and a lot less fun without you here.


2A does have religious implications, regardless of what your faiths is. Are you always supposed to turn the other cheek? Is concealing a weapon kosher? What about thou shalt not kill - e.g. adepts of Jainism take it to such extreme they wear masks not to inhale and kill bugs by accident? Is it ok to have weapons in the House of Worship? Etc. etc.
For the atheists these are not religious but moral questions. Though what is the source of morality? It is another social construct I suppose, like XY chromosomes and skin color.