What is your preferred pepper/tear gas spray?

My instructor recommended getting something, but didn’t offer any brand names.
Which do you suggest?
Is there anything that will reliably stop a meth head?

Fox 5.3. I test the aged out ones in the yard. Getting any of it on me is quite uncomfortable.

  1. POM OC spray [https://get-pom.com/]
  2. Police Magnum OC-17
  3. Sabre
    All 3 are nasty :smirk:

I like them all. Right now I’m using Police Magnum (I’ve got good deal having 2 sprays and water spray in price of one)

Remember, these are close range defense tools and always have expiration date.

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Bear Mace

Home Defense Gel. Shoots a coherent 30 ish foot stream. Indelible dye, stays in a stream so wind doesn’t blow back on you.

A warning shot to the head? I don’t know of any pepper sprays for that.

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This is what I carry when I may need to deploy a non-lethal deterrent.

Def Tech Mark III/IV X2 .40% Capsaicinoid

There is a belt pouch you can get to wear it as well.

There is also an inert version that you can practice deployment with.

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POM OC spray is my on person edc anytime I step outside the house.
Sabre OC spray is in my car center console.

Watch some YouTube videos about POM OC there are some good videos of it being used. The creator/owner even has a video of him going through it and it appears to work very well.

Stick with liquid stream over fog and gel. The fog depends heavily on wind and can come back at you. The gel can take up to 40 seconds to aerosol and activate the mucus membranes.

POM is only available in liquid stream but Sabre has a few choices available. POM and Sabre are both UV activated so if a someone shines a black light onto that person’s clothing they will shine brightly and can be identified later. POM is 1.4% major capsaicinoid which is, as of writing this, the highest available in all 50 states. It’s also much smaller than the Sabre containers and comes in a variety of colors for personal preferences. POM is also made in the USA. Not sure where Sabre is made.

OC spray is a great non-lethal force multiplier that I believe can be carried in every state. Not all altercations require the use of deadly force so good on you for looking into them.

I’m curious if you chose to carry a .4% MC spray on purpose? There are 1.3% MC sprays widely available.

MK-3_Aerosol_Projector (1).pdf (156.9 KB)

Sorry I’m late to this thread.

No reason, just ordered or grab what was on the top shelf. :slight_smile:

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Glad I read this; I ordered a couple of things from Amazon, supposedly pepper & bear spray.
I got to thinking about the use of my firearm, and wouldn’t hesitate to use if necessary, but if there’s a less lethal but effective solution, it’s a good ideal; key word is effective.

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Just ordered some POM off Amazon. I buy pepper spray to give to family members. I’ve been buying gel believing it to be better, now I will start buying stream.

Saw POM on ASP, most of what I have read is all positive. The device is also smaller than most and that means the people i give it too are mote likely to carry it.

I may start carrying when I run. I’m considering carrying it regularly, but I’m not sure yet. I do like the idea of having a non lethal option available.

I am going to put a can of oc spray by the front door, and may Velcro it to my kid’s stroller or something like that. I’ve wanted to keep something by the front door, I love my guns, but having little ones means I don’t want to be keeping up with tons around the house. A small can of Pepper spray is something I feel perfectly safe leaving on a high shelf out of reach.

Don’t count on it.

I don’t think you can buy actual tear gas (CS). Not in my state, anyway.
The big thing with pepper spray (OC) is how strong it is (how much does it hurt) and what kind of agents they use (how sticky is it, stream vs foam, etc).

But not all people react the same way. Even assuming the stream hits their face, it isn’t like the movies where you squirt a little bit of mist and the bad guy is immediately incapacitated. It can take a few seconds or a few long moments to kick in. Some people have no reaction at all, especially when adrenaline or drugs are involved. Best case is that you hit them right across the eyes and it kicks in after just a couple seconds, buying you a minute or two that you can use to withdraw or get help.

Go ahead and use less lethal means if you need to defend yourself and have the option, but always be ready to retreat or escalate the use of force, in case you need Plans B, C, and D.