I was crying last night.. Saber Red

A gun is always on my hip.

Recently I started carrying OC Spray as well. Last night the Saber Red I ordered arrived, and I took it outside to test and make sure the canister worked. The canister malfunctioned, and the OC spray went on my right hand instead of going out in a stream.

Annoyed, I came back inside and washed my hands with soap and water for the twentieth time. 30 Minutes later, I touched my right eye with my hand on autopilot, and my right eye started burning.

My eyes closed involuntarily; I had accidentally exposed my eye to Saber Red.

It was painful, so I went upstairs and grabbed a Sudecon Decontamination Wipes from my kit. Five minutes later, I could open my eyes, and the burning pain was gone.

Thankfully the Sudecon wipe worked.

A tiny amount of Saber Red was enough to make me cry and close my eyes for a couple of minutes. So I keep a good quality canister of OC Spray handy.

This tool is an excellent way to stop Social Aggression. However, if you are facing Asocial Violence, then a gun is better and more reliable.

Who here owns OC Spray?

Have you ever trained with your OC Spray or tested to make sure it works?


Yes, I’ve bought 4 Sabre units. One was a pressure dud, the next two were less than impressive. I have very low confidence in their products. The spray is prob fine, it’s their carriers that’re designed so poorly (as you just experienced!).



I don’t EDC pepper spray but I do have some gel sprays hidden in discrete locations at my home.

I have very mixed feelings about OC sprays. I’ve seen the aggressor shrug it off, I’ve seen the defender get caught by blowback and or splashback. I’ve seen it malfunction. It’s in my tool box but more for last ditch efforts. But I have also seen it work as intended, but there are alot of factors that go into the making of the decision for me to go to an OC gel.


People swear by their products but I’ve mostly heard only bad things from folks who aren’t advertising for them. I use Fox and have tested a bunch of cans all working perfectly.


OC is always my first choice.
Whenever I fell uncomfortably with surroundings, my hand is on OC spray.
1 on me, 1 in car, 1 in my bag.


Yes, I have OC spray LE concentration, but have never deployed it.
Yes I have trained with it, they sell inert canisters to practice with, draw/deploy.

I’m going to look up the Sudecon stuff you mention. It sounds important to have at least in the car incase of spray or blow back.

Post Script: Just order some of these! Boy you folks are great on this forum!


I’m thinking that is what the instructors handed us after a “Pepper Spray” Cert course. Of course after you fought your way through it for 5 min or so (it may have been 30 seconds). Never knew the name but the relief was not quite instantaneous but much appreciated. Been tazed, sprayed and gassed, the physical reaction is one you can’t get away from (it affects folks differently), the psychological reaction you can fight your way through. Not pleasant but if you can keep your head you can at least escape and evade most of them before grinding your face in on the asphalt to stop the pain, tazers are their own little bit of hell.

Might be handy for the “Just to have” bag.




The Fox I use is five point three.

One of their many options


I am due to refresh my OC. The recommendation is every 3 years. I have used Saber for longer than I can remember.
And yes, as part of my qualification to carry pepper, I had to be sprayed. It sucks but it does not work on everyone. After be sprayed, I flushed my eyes, face and head with “copious” amounts of water. After I got home following my first qualification, I was careful when showering to not let water run down my body. But, unfortunately, not careful enough! Several minutes into the shower, my nether regions started burning. The shower was turned to all cold and I continued to shower with copious amounts of cold water from head to toe.
It was not fun at all!


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So which of the Saber Red Canisters are good ? I don’t know if I just got a dud or what but mine failed.

I am glad my neigther regions never started burning that would suck. Your story made me glad I invested in the Suducon wipes.


I always carried Sabre MK-3 or MK-IV 10% OC.


MikeBKYUSCCA Attorney Network Attorney

Thanks I will order some Sabre MK-3 and try that canister.


From Sabre web site data, they claim that major capsaicinoids are the key to a hot and painful spray.

I have read many times folks saying that BEAR spray is no good on humans because it’s weaker than 10% human spray, blah blah… BUT RIGHT ON THEIR SITE:

Frontier BEAR spray is 9oz of 2% MCs, and their HUMAN spray (level 3, their strongest version), is 2oz of 1.3% MCs.

"DOG sprays range from 0.25% to 1.0% major capsaicinoids and BEAR sprays range from 1.0% to 2.0% major capsaicinoids (Frontier is 2%).

SABRE Red Pepper Spray:
1.33% major capsaicinoids! Strongest available single ingredient pepper spray."

There might be bears in my neighborhood… I’m just saying.

SABRE MK-4 CFT Stream Spec (1).pdf (16.9 KB)


Yes I have carried Sabre Red for years. In the beginning it was to ward off stray dogs while was walking, but ass time went on I started carrying it in lieu of arms. I still carry the CC in public because I feel safer. I’ve seen drug addicts run head on when sprayed and when shot with small caliber arms.
Life is a journey and I pray that each of you is traveling safely.