What is USCCA's win/loss record on legal defense cases?

Just wondering how many defense cases have been handled to date by the USCCA since its inception, and our results so far. Doesn’t seem like the answer would violate any privacy rights. Anyone else curious?


The USCCA does not defend cases. USCCA Membership Benefits include Self Defense Liability Insurance that members are additional insureds on.

That information is private, and since these cases are handled by the insurance company that issued the SDLI policy to the USCCA, it is their proprietary information and they do not release it to the USCCA


@MikeBKY couldn’t have said it better himself. :rofl:


YouTube vid, may have been WPS but not sure; somewhere I heard uscca insurance doesn’t cover guilty verdicts (in the fine print and a thread from awhile back) but has never had a guilty verdict. Far from gospel, just what I recall on YouTube…Fwiw, my new group doesn’t seek restitution from a guilty verdict; hope that’s not bad juju :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: