What do you do to help others on their self-defense journey?

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’
~Martin Luther King Jr.

We honor Martin Luther King Jr. today and every day through our mission to help train and educate everyone to be able to protect themselves and their loved ones.

What do you do to help others on their self-defense journey?


Take them to the gun range. Give them old issues of Concealed Carry that I don’t read anymore. Recommend USCCA to them.


In addition to the steps @45IPAC takes, I answer their questions and share my journey with them.


Teach the USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense course which allows folks to apply for their Texas License to Carry permit. Teach the Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Course. Perform the RSO duties and instructional for the monthly church shooting club. Have been the instruct and RSO for the local 4H Club.


Try to get new shooters into the range.

Teach USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense
Teach NRA Basic Pistol, Rife, CCW, and Refuse to be a Victim classes (also a certified RSO)
I teach specialized Tactical Pistol/Carbine and advanced Defensive Pistol classes also

Constantly remind them they only have to run faster than their buddy!


Take them home before going to range to try different weapons ( dry fire ) get a feel for it. Teach some basic rules ( you remember ,uh,. those rules) then off to the range.


This Community is a great place we all help others on their self-defense journey. :muscle:

Additionally - helping shy shooters to fight their phobia at the Range and classes.


Yeah that is a major problem. Just the simple fear of it.


I teach others to be patient when firing their pistols, adjust their grip if needed, driving the pistol, drawing from the hip, and then pick up all their brass as compensation😉


I spend a lot of time and energy, at no small risk to myself I might add, going around attacking people so they get “real world experience.” :wink: (<<<<<------- JOKING)


I would take them to the range, let them see and handle some of my firearms, explain to them how important it is to be a protector of themselves and others. Oh and show them some news clips of what is going on in this world today.

  1. Encourage them to not grow complacent. :100:
  2. To train… And to keep training. Consider it CONTINUING EDUCATION. :+1:t5:
  3. Find the things right for you. Glocks may be popular, but that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to like it.
  4. As others have said, share my own experiences- success & failures. :eyes:
  5. Join USCCA.🙋🏾
  6. Join one of the many Pro 2A organizations. (Sadly we live in a place where certain folks want to take your rights away.) 🤦🏾



The only 2 so far I have helped on their journey are my wife, and my son (who will be turning 15 this summer and has ambitions on serving in the military when he graduates from high school in a few short years).

The first thing I did was stress the importance of the universal safety rules, and did not move on to conditions and fundamentals until they could recite them to me randomly, verbatim when I asked for them randomly.

Then before getting into the fundamentals of shooting I drilled them on firearms conditions, and to ALWAYS check the chamber anytime you touch a firearm. To quiz them I would hand them my Beretta and a magazine fully of dummy rounds, then I would ask them to put the firearm into a random condition and show me. I also stressed the importance of NEVER PICK UP A FIREARM IN ANGER. As when you are letting an emotion like anger take over, your judgment is impaired and nobody in such a state would be anywhere near a firearm.

Only when they showed me that they respected the power they held in their hands and demonstrated that they understood how to handle it safely and properly did I begin teaching the fundamentals of how to put rounds down range.

Responsibility, self-discpline, and safety are the things I stressed most (not necessarily in that order). They are the simplest concepts to learn, but the hardest ones to remember.


I help wherever I can, teaching Concealed Carry Fundamentals, Training new USCCA instructors, training new NRA range safety officers, NRA basic pistol thru Defensive Pistol and heading up my community gun club. Cindy teaches USCCA Concealed carry fundamentals, Women’s handgun and self defense fundamentals, mass shooter, NRA Refuse to be a victim, Well Armed Woman. Together we teach Florida Concealed Permit classes mainly to senior citizens, many who have never touched a firearm before class.


I help train people both with there firearms on my range and hand to hand style fighting. So not only are they getting to know their firearms, but simple tactics like using ANYTHING as a weapon. I also lend out my USCCA books and tell them about the protection the USCCA gives us. With ammo so scarce I’ve been letting people practice using my 9mm and .45 ACP range ammo.

I’ve showed pics of my range before and it’s perfect for self defense training. I go one better, we “live fire” force on force train with airsoft gas blow back pistols.


Discuss firearms safety for sure, and then help them with the shooting at the range, guiding them thru the basics to shoot accurately.


Bingo only I do that here in Iowa and do a lot of individual classes in their homes.


I teach Beginners shooting shooting classes in my home class room then take students to my enclosed shooting range for their first shooting experience. I have for the last 7 years taught the 16 hour Illinois Concealed carry Classes and the Illinois re-newal Concealed carry Classes. I have taught firearm training of all types for some 50 years.

Lance jacobsen


Take them to the range and teach them the proper laws of the range and how to shoot safely and tell them about USCCA so they can get the training they need to defend themselves.

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Welcome to the family brother @Lance_R snd you are in the right place at the right time.