What determines reciprocity between states?

I am wondering what states use to determine reciprocity and I will use the example of Colorado, Texas and South Carolina.
Colorado has reciprocity with Texas
South Carolina has reciprocity with Texas
Colorado and South Carolina do not have reciprocity, why? Is it training?

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@Greg30 It’s the different state legislators who make the laws for each and every state.

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Greg, There are many variable but, in a nutshell, it depends on the rules of each state as an example I will use CO and FL and this is completely hypothetical) If CO wants to allow reciprocation with FL they would look at what the FL requirements for a permit are and determine if FL requirements are aligned with CO. If so they may grant reciprocity. However, each state can determine whether or not they want reciprocity.

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and in the circumstance Joseph notes, nothing happens in a vacuum so figure there needs to be a Champion, people to organize the masses and lobby the legislature, assign time to present, discuss, write, vote, enact and send to the Gubner, signed, sealed, delivered - so what? 2 to 10 years and a maybe? (After someone volunteers to be Champion!)

It’s a mutual agreement between each state. States decide who they will honor if at all.

Sometimes it has to do with training. Sometimes background checks. Sometimes state A wont honor state B because state B wont honor state A.