What Color Was The Firearm, Big Bird?

Hey all,
I can’t take credit for the idea and it may not be totally new but, I had never thought of it until my CC instructor advised it.
If you’re ever in a situation where you are accused of flashing while on the road, brandishing, or may have to warn someone that you are armed but never draw, we all know that it can come down to their word against yours.
So - what color are most pistols? Silver. Black. Change that. If the accuser hasn’t actually seen it, have the officer ask them to describe it if he hasn’t already. When you produce a Hot Pink with Purple Tiger Stripes .45, someone is gonna be in trouble.

Here’s what I did to my Kahr. It’s pretty plainly Yellow, or at least yellow enough to be noticeable. Seriously considering breaking it down farther than a field-strip and painting it all.

I first degreased it thoroughly, then used blue painters tape to mask off sights and any mating parts or areas where I didn’t want or feel the need for paint. I used a cheap can of Krylon and you can see the wear from just three trips to the range. I’ll either just keep applying or perhaps use a better paint if I decide to make it a project this winter.

Yellow, Pink, Bright Purple, White, Blaze Orange, Baby Blue. Anything but someones first guess!


Wow that is a great idea brother.


Interesting idea/thought…

I just don’t know if I could go through with it though…black guns are beautiful… :slight_smile:

Seriously though, any concerns with them potentially getting getting confused with a SIRT or other training pistol?


And if they guess right?

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Hi James. Who is the “them”? The bad guy? If so, I’m not concerned with confusing them. This is a dedicated CC arm and I certainly won’t be confusing it with anything else.

@Brad - How many guesses do I give them? Please re-read the intro. This is a CYA idea in case you’re ever falsely accused by a person who has NOT seen it. :+1:


No, a friendly say a family member or someone that you train with. E.g. You and I go to the gym to do some self defense training on weapons retention, I grab the sim knife and a yellow sim pistol and the yellow sim pistol turns out to be your carry weapon that you took off prior to our practice.


Easy. I just don’t go to the gym with you! :laughing:

I do see your point, though, and it’s a good thought. With that in mind, perhaps it is best to not paint it completely. As it is, it still looks like the real thing.


Oh, who am I kidding, I haven’t seen the inside of a gym outside of one of my kid’s band concerts in years! :rofl: :rofl:

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