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Whether or not handguns meant for self-defense should be customized is a topic that pops up on social media with regularity. And in the world of women who shoot, it’s about more than slide plates and triggers. It’s about guns in shades of pink, purple and blue (among others). I recently spent some time polling people on social media and talking to friends within the gun industry about colored guns. The research resulted in an interesting — but not shocking — conclusion: It seems the more hardcore, seasoned shooters tend to fall on the side of “no pink guns,” while the more casual shooters and newer gun owners are all for color. So who’s right?

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POLL: Would you carry a colored gun?

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It depends on the color. And if I did get a gun of color it would be a color that I liked a lot. Like red, white, and blue. Or maybe purple. I’m a big fan of purple. When I was a Race Official with the SCCA the color of the specialty was purple for the shirts. So I have a few purple shirts.

I would definitely carry “legion grey” :wink:, FDE or coyote.


If I were to buy a “colored” gun, it would be earth colors, olive drab, colors of those kinds mixed with black, gray or stainless steel. Outside of those choices, it’s the standard black or blued.


It’s a personal choice, for a very personal weapon! Why would you care what others think?


I was in Cabela’s today and they had a cpl kimber 380’s in that Chevy Belair blue and white that was gorgeous. I would carry those if for no other than they were pretty and make a good conversation piece.

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Maybe. Odds are most likely not, but if it is what I have and it functions… why not.

Color is not something I would carry normally, and it should have NO impact on legality or any legal issues as it is NOT a modification in the sense it effects the operation. It is not modifying the trigger, installing a competition trigger, or updated and upgraded sear or springs or other parts that actually alter the operation or might alter the operation.

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If the gun was Cerakoted. I carry a Ruger, with a burnt Bronze slide.

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As long as I’m proficient with the firearm and it fits my needs/wants for a carry gun, then I don’t see what not. However I haven’t found a stock colored gun that fits my needs/wants very well

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