What are your top 10 preparedness tips?

There’s a lot going on in the world right now and things are bound to get even more uncertain with the upcoming election. Some of us are still sheltering at home, others are back at work and some never stopped going to work.

Life in 2020 has definitely been unique, however, our desire to be safe and protect ourselves hasn’t changed.

What are your top 10 overall preparedness tips (not just firearms related) whether at home or out and about in your daily life?


1st Clean underwear (in case I’m in an accident) (thanks mom) after that, from my childhood on wards: clean handkerchief, pocket knife ( to play mumbley peg) pocket comb (now it’s a beard comb) and since teen years, I’ve added a handgun and spare ammo, all this is mandatory every thing else I have varies with the daily situation.


Have a healthy, non-dysfunctional family life.
Have really good friends you can count on.
Avoid carrying debt.
Know where you’re going and how to get there.
Have a Plan B and C and D
Never give up
It’s OK to be afraid, it’s not OK to act like it.
Drink plenty of water.
Study History.
Ask lots of question
Always be learning a new skill

OK that’s 11.

  1. Area situational awareness. If I go out that day any road shut downs that may make me vulnerable, protests or such?
  2. Where’s my IFAK? Where’s my Cars IFAK literally and the larger IFAK I keep in car.
  3. What EDC am I taking that day? Make sure I have the right magazines for it.
  4. Where’s my get home bag and car gun and magazines.
  5. How much gas do I have? I always try to keep tank full.
  6. Do I have my emergency meds with me?
  7. Due to Addison’s, I let wife know when I am leaving, where I am going and approximately how long.
  8. Have I done the myriad of things I need to do before I head out?
  9. How are my food and water stores?
  10. Are the meds, and various and sundry medical supplies I keep for all of my various IFAK up to date.

1 situational awareness, need to know all the facts of the situation to properly engage and destroy the obstacle in the way.
2 I need a report of all my people coming with me in the situation, what all do they have on them and what do I need to do to lead them to overcome whatever is in the way.
3 my own needs, what gear and whatnot do I have or what gear do I need to grab to handle the situation or if I am in a long term what will I need to secure my people and my own safety for X amount until we’re good.
4 all of my medical needs, as well as my peoples that might be involved. I personally try to keep enough medical on my kit for me and a battle, in my car a resupply and a bigger box to have extras of what would be needed.
5 sustenance, food and water for however long I would need it for. Personally I keep at least a week worth of food stocked because I know I would be able to resupply if need be in that week.
6 mode of transportation, am I taking my vehicle am I leading a convoy or am I heading on foot with my ruck.
7 do I have all my EDC and the backups in a readily available spot. such as medications and whatever else you may need.
8 is my home and other secure locations ok to be at or will I need to find new shelter you would want to make sure you have what your doing when the dark of night falls even if that is a sleep system.
9 have a multi step plan and branches off each of those plans incase something happens from point to point.
10 making sure I know my end goal and what needs to be done when I reach each goal. Also have a plan in store incase that doesn’t work. Similar to 9 have back drops incase something happens from point to point.

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I don’t know if this fits the paradigm here but my life preparedness # 1 rule:

NEVER go anywhere with a gun I wouldn’t go without one. I call that mental preparedness of the highest calling.


The Bible says": “Of Issachar, men who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do, 200 chiefs, and all their kinsmen under their command.” 1Chron 12:32.

We need to be understanding the times today… And being prepared comes in different forms…
We must prepare with food stuffs/water-- in case we can’t get to the store for awhile…
We must prepare with weapons/ammo-- to protect our families and friends…
We must prepare by helping others to see and understand the times-- not being paranoid, but realistic-- this one is very difficult…
We must have a plan to relocate should the necessity arise… get outta Dodge, as it were… I’m thinking Alaska or Northern Canada,
We must rely on ourselves, because the police will not be there for you-- we have seen this played out with the riots around the nation— the police left the poor to fend for themselves.
We MUST know who the enemy is!!! These days it may not be who you think they are…
You MUST have your Spiritual life in order-- you are going to die some day— give Jesus a look-see.

Well, I tried coming up with 10-- looks like I only got 8… perhaps I can add to this list later…

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We must be educated
Know how to do things (construct, repair. maintain, fabrication, the medical Arts, etc…)
We must rely on family and friends
Lone wolves don’t survive very long—work on improving your family ties and personal relationships. Love one another.

There’s 10!

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Good call. I don’t think that most folks put any consideration into this.

1 - keep spare inflated and check other four frequently. (If your vehicle doesn’t have spare & jack - get them)
2- Fix-a-Flat, just in case.
3- Spare serpentine belt.
4- minimum 1 qt oil.
5- 1 gallon water or premixed coolant.
6- spare wiper blade.
7- jumper cables.
8- tool kit.
9- Trans fluid doubles as power steering in a pinch.
10- never less than 1/2 tank of gas. (also prolongs life of fuel pump)