What are the pros and cons of the NRA Personal Protection outside the Home course?

What are the pros and cons of the NRA Personal Protection outside the Home course?

I don’t know anything about it. I guess that would be a con. Is it offered on line?

Have you taken this course?

Have you taken any similar courses from any other organization?

Are you considering taking this course?

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I think the good things about the course would be the pros, and the not so good things the cons…
You’re welcome.


I’ll answer your questions because I doubt that the OP will.

I have taken the course. Back in 2012 in Michigan that was offered as their version of a State approved Concealed Carry Permit Course. In comparison with the USCCA’s courses (of which I have also taken all of them), the NRA’s course is/was severely lacking in audio-visual when compared to the USCCA’s offerings. We basically “followed the manual” with the instructor.

I wouldn’t take the course again now that I have been through and taught the USCCA curriculum.

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You are correct. USCCA has a flashier program. I used PPOTH and PPITH COMBO. Used this for many years in MN. I got bored and came to the USCCA. Basically the same info but instructor tools and support make it a better class experience. IMO.

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just another inane post by a troll.

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I would think anything that gets you trigger time and time practicing your draw from concealment would be worthwhile. It’s in classes where are you find out if you have a reliable firearm, dependable equipment and a viable Carry method.
I really enjoyed the class when I took it but then I’ve enjoyed all of my self-defense firearm courses over the years


I disagree; it takes every kind of people to make the world go round ;Robert Palmer. Sorry not trying to derail the post.

NRA courses differ from USCCA’s ones. Are they boring? It depend on the Instructor and student’s approach.
I actually enjoyed the course, but I’m guessing it might be because I chose NRA path, not USCCA, 2 years ago.

@Mike270 asked about pros and cons. It’s really hard to find cons. Any course, class, training always adds something to our firearm journey. Nothing different with NRA courses.
NRA Basics of Personal Protection Outside The Home Course is one of Self Defence NRA courses. The closest USCCA’s equivalent would be Defensive Shooting Fundamentals.

I got lucky to attend Personal Protection Outside The Home in very small group, so talking part went pretty fast and I shoot more than expected because Instructor had more time for each student.

NRA is very strict about basics and safety, so the course contained lot of “firearm safe handling”, “awareness”, “mindset”. We discussed our gear. We talked about Self Defense and local Laws, Concealed Carry regulations and aftermath of shooting.

Range time was a real fun. Like I mentioned - how much fun, that depends on Instructor.
What was covered at the range?

  • carrying and presenting the pistol, holstering, reholstering
  • shooting positions (standing, kneeling, lying)
  • shooting while moving, shooting moving targets
  • shooting from behind cover, moving between covers
  • shooting techniques (from retention, two handed, one handed)
  • engaging multiple targets

So, as you see, there are pros only. Is it worth the money and time? I believe it is. But for me every minute and every penny spent on training is worth. Doesn’t matter under whose banner it is.


It was derailed with the first post. That’s what he/she wants.

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I took the NRA Personal Protection in the Home (PPITH), Personal Protection Outside the Home (PPOTH), and Defensive Pistol courses all together in a one-on-one set from my NRA instructor just six months ago. As such, he ran me through all of the range exercises together over a couple of days, so I am not sure which drill goes with which course. That said, the classroom and book information for PPOTH is a good resource for situational awareness, advance planning, and tactical approaches. The range drills were great, with shooting while moving, using concealment/cover, point shooting, shooting from retention, shooting from degraded position (like on the ground, both prone and supine), low-light tactics, and even reloading with only one hand, both strong and support. There is a lot of overlap with topics taught in the USCCA Home Defense and Personal Protection course.
I have not yet experienced USCCA Defensive Shooting Fundamentals, but I suspect I experienced a reasonable overlap with that content, also.

I think there is never a CON in getting additional training from a new-to-you instructor, even if it essentially duplicates training already received. Getting more training is always a PRO.
Do you have the time? Do you have the money? Do you have the motivation? Go for it.

By the way, after some research I decided not to take the NRA CCW class. That is because the NRA CCW class is actually a set of modules that NRA instructors can select from in order to teach the content of any given state’s license/permit training requirement That means NRA CCW class may be only basic handgun safety in Virginia, but extensive safety, legal, and range performance content in Ohio.

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