USCCA Training - Fundamentals Courses - Thoughts?

I just had the opportunity to participate in the USCCA AR-15 Fundamentals Course as a student.

Just from my military service I already had a lot of experience with the AR platform. Even then, there were things I learned. There were thing I had an opportunity to practice that I had very seldom done, or not done at all. I had an absolutely awesome time in this class.

The instructor made the range time very dynamic and practical. He combined AR-15 Fundamentals with Defensive Shooting Fundamentals to give a very complete experience. As you might imagine a dynamic shooting range course will produce some safety concerns. A secondary instructor was with us the entire time. He was a law enforcement officer and paramedic, and served as the Range Safety Officer (RSO) throughout the course. The safety briefing at the beginning of the range course was detailed and well organized. This made it so that all the students really felt a sense of safety throughout the range course. BTW, this level of detail and safety concern are what is honed into each USCCA instructor during their training. If you have never had a chance to take one of the USCCA courses, I’d highly recommend you do.

The USCCA has really taken training to the next level. The training materials are very high quality, the instructors are very well prepared, and the classes themselves are very relevant and well thought out.

Let’s talk about your experiences with any of the USCCA In-Person courses primarily, but really with any Firearms training course(s) you have taken. If there are particular instructors in you area that you would recommend please do that too.


I met @Beth Alcazar, at my 2A groups yearly meeting last year. To be a rockstar like she is in the 2A community, @Beth was an incredibly warm and kind woman who was very generous with her time and answered my questions. For how to progress my wife’s training.


Thanks so much for the kind words! I may often get caught up in the whirlwind of work travel, events, and training, but it’s always so good to hear how people are working on their individual training journeys!


I’ve taken several excellent multiday rifle and handgun training courses at Front Sight Nevada and learned to appreciate the AR platform after lugging a wood and steel 308 M1A through a 4 day course in the 100+ degree Nevada desert heat. Too bad Front Sight is in bankruptcy proceedings that will significantly change the value of membership.

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Where can I find my USCCA Conceal and Carry Home Defense Fundamentals Certificate?

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Certificates come from the instructor directly, reach out to the instructor from your course for the cert

Yes, contact your instructor. The link from the class will have the e-mail and/or phone to reach them.