What about carrying ammunitions?

Are ammunitions, and loaded magazines following the same rules and regulations of the firearm? (Conceal Carry Weapons holder in California).
Example: when I leave the firearm in the safe in the car, I keep the magazines, leaving no ammo in the car. I think if someone breaks in or steals my car, at least they can’t use my firearm until they find correct ammo and magazine. Just to give me more time to call the authorities.
Is it OK to carry only the loaded magazines in “gun free zones”?


That depends on the laws that are in force in that area. Some include any parts and ammunition. A similar idea has been promulgated in other threads to thwart crimes of opportunity of and from vehicles. Most suggest taking the slide and/or barrel, not the loaded mag, instead of, or in addition to, a car safe.


Here’s one in NYC, it is against the law to possess and/or carry ammo for a firearm caliber other than the types you have registered. :thinking: :us: :us: :us:


From what I gather, in general loaded magazines and actual firearm do not follow the same rules.

When it comes to the loaded magazines in “gun free zones” :

SB 707 (Stats. 2015, ch. 766)
• Deletes the exemption that allows a person to carry ammunition or
reloaded ammunition onto school grounds if the person is licensed to
carry a concealed firearm . (Pen . Code, § 30310 .)
• Creates a new exemption authorizing a person to carry ammunition or
reloaded ammunition onto school grounds if it is in a motor vehicle at all
times and is within a locked container or within the locked trunk of the
vehicle . (Pen . Code, § 30310 .)

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