Is it OK to store ammo in my truck?

So I was wondering if there are any legal issues with storing ammo full time in your truck? In my truck I have two gun safes that have a cable that attaches to the seat frame, one safe for the ammo and one for the gun, I store them separately if I have to leave my firearm unsecured (for example if I go into a ‘gun free zone’ like the post office or FedEx). In my ammo safe I keep a couple spare mags full of ammo, not for the extra firepower but because they are different sizes. I have an 11 round mag, a 13 round mag, and a 15 round mag. On cold days when I’m wearing a thick jacket I can easily conceal my compact 9mm with the 15 round mag, when I’m wearing a sweatshirt I use the 13 round mag. On hot days when I’m in a t-shirt I use the 11 round mag so it doesn’t print. So I like to keep the various mags full of ammo in my gun safe in my truck full time. Any problems with this from a legal standpoint? Here’s the gun safe that I’m using, I have two of these. These are fantastic, you can quickly get into them with a few presses of the button with no key needed, here’s an Amazon link:


That might need to be answered on a State by State basis. But in all the States I have looked into this would be perfectly legal.

Beware though that following the law won’t necessarily keep you out of trouble in anti gun areas. I have seen more than once in forum posts and even on a LEO reality TV show in CA where a person got in trouble for having a loaded magazine not inserted in their firearm. Officers have charged people with having a loaded gun even though there is no law against it in CA as of the last time I checked. The people ended up getting off on the charge but not without significant time and legal defense costs.


For most states, the short answer is ‘yes’ under normal circumstances. Just remember that they’re there and don’t go anywhere that might be an issue. Had a friend who lived in Michigan who forgot and accidentally tried o go to Canada with a loaded mag. Ooopsy.

But… Depending on which state you’re in as to how easily this is answered. In most states, even those that have so-called ‘gun free zones’ leaving something in a locked car is an exclusion to that rule. Lock it at all times, even at home.

Worse case you can write your State Police and they should be willing to let you know.

And I am NOT a lawyer… Caveat, Caveat…


Since you didn’t say what State you were in (a critical piece of info) you can look up your state here. :us:

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Beyond the legal issues, longer term storage in your truck could cause deterioration of the powder and primers due to condensation formed from hot days and cool nights. Shorter terms, as in day to day, shouldn’t hurt but it might be a good idea to shoot this ammo and recharge your mags with new ammo from time to time. Also, some powders are not temperature stable. Leaving your mags in a car during high temperature summer days could cause extra pressure spikes if fired without cooling the ammo down.


What state?

Do you have a carry license?

Are you aware that the parking lot of the post office is also federally illegal?

In most parts of most states ammo locked in a safe in your truck will not be illegal. Check your local listings/your mileage may vary


You would have to check your state laws. In Kentucky, we can have in any manufactured compartment made by the car builder. But state law specifically say says no other after market installed compartments or close to that.

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Personally, I’d only do so if/when needing to stow the firearm there, such as only few minutes to hours, if not legal to tote into where I’ll be. Never overnight, as twilight is peak robbery time. Like the ideas of separate lock-boxes, ammo vs. firearm.

How about lock boxing the firearm, but carrying the ammo with you? I’ve yet to find a place not allowing ammo legally inside, concealed of course.

Interesting post my friend.