Store with one in the chamber?

We have the “Carry” with one in the chamber, so why not a store with one in the chamber? :thinking:

This is not about storing a single loaded pistol or revolver by itself in a bedside safe, but rather do you store any firearms in a multiple gun safe with one in the chamber?

I have been storing with one in the chamber for a long time, but starting to rethink how much damage it could do to other firearms if it went off for any reason, for example, a house fire. If one is in the chamber, then it would come out the barrel and ricochet all over inside the safe damaging additional firearms. If stored with a full magazine, most damage would be contained in the grip?

Tell me what you think

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In my case - any stored firearm is not chambered.
Safe, case, shelf - doesn’t matter.
I do not need quick access to the firearm if stored. If I have time to go for it, I will definitely have time to put magazine in and chamber the round.

For me it is matter of safety. If firearm is ready to use - it has to be chambered. Otherwise not.
Stored firearm is never ready to use (from defense perspective).


Store your guns unloaded and place a flag in the chamber. This is what they are made for,… your safety!


I can think of only one reason to store a locked up firearm with a round chambered. A guy comes into your house, finds you unarmed and insists, with a weapon that you unlock your safe and give him the contents, you open the safe, reach in and grab the ready firearm and proceed to defend yourself. Other than that I can think of no good reason.


That would be your first mistake.

You open your safe he shoots you dead then takes your guns.

First of all, I have my gun at the ready 24/7. I have the entry ways into the house alarmed. The front door entry actually has two doors and both of them are locked. By the time they have forced their entry I am armed and standing by to defend.
Take the steps before the matter of this type of situation. I have my safe hidden so, they would not know where it was anyway! Getting access into my house has been teenager proofed. Think more about preventing and slowing down any aggressions to getting into the house.

As for storing your guns,… unloaded, flagged. Be safe!


“That would be your first mistake.”
Yea, that was the point I was trying to make in a round about way.


My case is similar to @Jerzy

Firearms that are “stored” are not chambered, no mags in it either.


“Stored Guns”: Handguns, empty.
Long Guns are in “Cruiser Ready” status.

Stay safe out there.


If it is a holstered EDC gun, it sits in the safe in the same condition as it sits on my belt. Keyword being holstered, and I never take it out of the holster, unless I need to clean it or practice with it.


I don’t keep any chamber loaded in my safe (mag loaded yes) my long gun safe is slightly crowded
so I would be afraid of shooting my self in the face if the safety got pushed off and the trigger pulled. :open_mouth:


Empty, flagged and no magazine. Have loaded and unloaded magazines stored.

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The vast majority of safes are not made with thick hardened steel so in case of a fire a chambered bullet will likely exit the safe with quite a bit of energy left. This creates a danger to firefighters and anyone else in the path of the bullet.

I have my loaded bump in the night gun in a quick access safe and it is pointed in a way that it has to go through a couple layers of steel and exterior wall before passing over anyone near the house and out into an empty field. All my other firearms are stored with the chamber empty but several have loaded mags inserted and the safety off if I need to use them in a hurry.


Any firearm not under my immediate control is not loaded. When you have kids that aren’t mature enough to follow the basics, you don’t take the chance that they won’t find a way to open the safe and get access to something loaded.


Do you carry with a round chambered? I wonder if you rack the slide whenever you open the safe (which can be more than a couple of times a day)

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Well, I’ve always stored my pistols and revolvers loaded and chambered in my gun safe… after reading the comments here-- I am going to unload them and remove the magazines within the 1/2 hour. Thanks for the constructive and relevant wisdom.


My pistols are holstered and loaded with one in the chamber whether they are on my person, in a drawer or in the gun safe. Rifles have loaded mags but nothing in the chamber. Every gun gets treated as if it is loaded so it might as well be loaded.


I’ve always felt that if one in the chamber is safe while I am carrying it, then why isn’t it ok in the safe? Then somebody made me start thinking about a failure of the fire protection a safe should provide … I am beginning to lean towards loaded magazines with empty chamber in the safe mainly because I have pistol pockets stacked on the safe door with upper mounted pistols pointing at lower mounted pistols.

Edit: BTW, my wife and I are the only ones with access to the safe at my house.


I wasn’t going to be the odd ball out on this until you chimed in. Every firearm I have is chambered and ready. All my family and friends know it. So yes if you treat every fire arm as loaded, why would they not be? My safes are all fireproof for many many hours, so if my house burns to the ground the safes and their contents will still be ok.

With this said, everyone has a different comfort level so do what you feel comfortable with.

Everyone may have different local laws, follow your local laws if you feel they are just and apply to your specific safety situation.


It’s my understanding that the fireproofing claims on even many of the most expensive safes are highly over rated. They may keep things on the inside from burning but depending on the heat and duration of the fire they won’t keep the interior temperature from reaching dangerous levels.

It only takes somewhere around 450° to cook off a round and the barrel is likely to absorb the heat faster and cook of the round in it before others. For me the extra 1/3 second to rack the slide as I pull it from the safe is worth being able to tell the firefighters they are completely safe when they show up to fight the fire.

But as I have said my next to bed bump in the night gun is chambered and ready to go. Every fraction of a second counts when you are waking up to a surprise event. But it is pointed in a safe direction for those inside and outside the house. If I could not point it in a safe direction I would get a piece of hardened steel to put in front of the barrel.

Yep, everyone has their own comfort levels with what they do. :slight_smile:

Just a note though, most smokeless powders I think will ignite and burn in the 3000 to 3400 degree range.
As a reloader and hobbyist blacksmith, most of what would be inside a safe would potentially melt prior to that.