How do you store your ammo?

Storing ammunition has a lot of different considerations than firearms. Do you store your ammo in your safe? On a high shelf of a closet? In an ammo box or some sort of locked box?

Here are some suggestions on how to properly store your ammo:

Does how you store your ammo match up with our suggestions? How do you store yours differently?

I store my ammo in hard carton box in my computer room in basement. Hidden behind bookcase so almost impossible to discover, but easy to access for me and my family. Dry environment, room temperature.


Usually around a thousand rounds in each vehicle at any given time.

That which is at home is either in the bunker under lock and key or in the gun room under lock and key.

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In my gun, and in a spare magazine!

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in the original boxes, if it came in boxes. A lot of time I buy bulk and its not boxed, so in an ammo can. We sort and separate by caliber and type and it goes on a shelf.

We’re in the midwest, so “cool and dry” is a challenge… we seal up what we store, but cool and dry… well, we try.

apparently I’m slacking … I should fix that. :grimacing: :joy:

Well it’s not like i’m preparing for the apocalypse but if you just figure a couple of hundred rounds for each of two handgun calibers, two rifle calibers, and a shotgun it adds up pretty quickly.

Every time I hear someone in press freaking out because so and so had a hundred, several hundred or a thousand rounds of ammo on them, in their vehicle, or especially at home I have to laugh and imagine the outraged reporter or reporterette going through my vehicle, gun room, or the bunker and imagine them going completely apoplectic.

I mean seriously, when I sit down to load handgun, 5.56, or 7.62 and get the Dillons fired up I’m not likely to shut down till I’ve loaded at least 2,000 rounds and if I have an event coming up it could easily bet 1-3x that. When they are running good averaging a loaded round every 3-5 seconds is quite doable.


My hubby used to load a minimum of 2500 rounds a week when he was competing … because he was burning that much in practice every week.

I don’t doubt it for a minute. I hate to think how many rounds I’d burn if I was also competing.

On years I’m seriously guiding and hunting (primarily upland) I could easily burn 200-300 rounds of 12g a week.

When I go to Africa, Chile, Argentina it’s not unheard of to burn a thousand rounds a day pass shooting and hunting water fowl.

Typical day of sporting clays is going to exceed 200rds.

These people freaking out over someone having a couple of hundred rounds of ammo have no clue.

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I know, right? :woman_facepalming:
When I hear “found over 200 rounds in the home search” I think, “what, doesn’t the guy even practice?”
Pretty sure my range bag would scare the daylights out of them. :scream::woman_facepalming:

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I’ve taught classes where I’d go through that much or more just in demonstrations over a few days and I’ve taken instructor level classes that required 800-1,200 rds for a four or five day class.

These people are clueless and dishonest.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve offered to take a reporter or writer to a range to spend a day with them putting them through their paces and not a single one of them has ever taken me up on it whether at the local, regional, state, or national level.

That tells me their ceaselessness is quite frankly and quite often purely dishonest.

Remember that setup ABC did a few years ago to “prove” that concealed carry on college campuses would not be an effective deterrent?

They gathered up about a dozen kids with zero experience or training and put them in a scenario set up for them to fail.

Hundreds of instructors from around the country contacted them offering to put them through the same scenario themselves with some training to compare to the failures of the inexperienced students and guess what? Yep, they politely refused.

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