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Carrying a firearm for self-defense comes with a lot of responsibility. Knowing the laws where you carry is just one important task you must undertake as an armed American. To help with that, we will be providing you with a summary of basic carry laws for several states. Learn about the most important things to know when carrying in the Golden State below.

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Concerning the topic of gunlaws in California, if I am reading this right then if I have a gun in a safe and even have the magazine in another safe I am still illegal because I didn’t buy the ammo in california?

Also if their is no open carry and you have to have a CCWL to carry is it right in assuming without the CCWL there is really no sense in even owning a gun - right?

I ask these question because I am concerned about traveling to California in our RV and keeping the gun locked up in the RV but remaining legal.


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Always confirm replies from others yourself.

  • Guns in your home and campsite are fine
  • California wants you to keep your guns locked in a safe
  • You bought the ammo years ago so that is all they need to know
  • California is NOT a free state. Best not giving it any money by travelling to it.
  • You can transport guns locked from home to campsite, range…
    • Technically the ammo can be in the same container as the gun but not attached to the gun. You keeping it in another safe is clean

What about carrying in your store, do they allow the owner to conceal carry?

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