What a coincidence!



Could this be a side affect of some RNA fragments flying through the air, landing on people and changing their genes? I am worried I wont be able to enjoy a good roachburger soon…


….to fight climate change.


This sounds like the plot for a science fiction book I started writing a couple decades ago. Except in my book the elites made protections for themselves from the genetic alterations they released so they wouldn’t be impacted along with the rest of the masses. I stopped writing because I realized the only logical outcome would be human extinction due to the unintended consequences of all the genetic alterations. People usually don’t go for stories where the heroes fail to save the day.

The Fermi Paradox ponders - with all the countless planets in the universe why haven’t we encountered aliens yet? It is quite possible this is because the vast majority of “intelligent” species all destroy themselves before they can get out of their own solar systems.


Roach Burger w/ Cheese? or bacon? might as go whole ‘hog’ :rofl: and get BOTH!

maybe like “Wendy’s” Roach’n ator! I’m salivating at the prospect

But I better order a ‘medium’ size, If I get a large I might be tempted to

take a nap in my roach motel!

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IDK I’m feeling a 50/50 between self annihilation and just simply being too far away with the speed of causality aka the speed of light limit just being too big a hurdle to reach one another (also are ridiculously short timeframe of observation)

Probably the annihilation one is more probable lol


About 5 or 10 years ago, I read Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six. No, not that rainbow :rainbow: LOL

I was entertained by it but thought it was too unrealistic compared to Clancy’s other work.

Now, whenever I think of it, I picture Fauci and Bill Gates as the villains.