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How do I add my avatar??

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  1. Click on your current one (Green R)

  2. Click on your NAME (Robert372)

  3. Click on PREFERENCES

  4. Change your Profile Picture


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Welcome to the community brother Kevin you are blessed to be here.

There are a bunch of How-to’s in the New User Guide that may help navigate the system a bit, @Robert372!

Thanks for the assist, @Jerzy!


Well, I did get my avatar changed! Me and my PC don’t get along like we used to. That plus this forum works like none I have belong to, e.g. RimFire Central and some of the other firearm forums, but I feel much better now!! I will get this one figured out in no time.

As for me, I am a VietNam Vet. I had an interesting time making my rank. I was in graduate school at U of Mo in entomology. My draft board was licking their chops waiting for me to graduate. That occurred in Aug '66. I returned to my forester’s position with the USFS in Montana around the first of Sep. and back on a district as a Timber Management forester. The first of Oct I got my draft notice and the 8 of Nov I was in Basic Training at Ft. Louis, WA. After Basic I went to Ft. Sam Houston and started Medic School at the Medical Training Center. Graduation as a medical corpsman was the the 12th of March. It was also the day I was discharged from the army as a medical corpsman, 91A10, E2, and by an Act of Congress and the grace of God, I was commissioned as a 1st Lt. in the Army Medical Service Corps.

After 3 months of Basic Officer training and various medical ent courses, civil engineering, etc. I was assigned to the 712th Preventive Medicine Unit, 503 Med Bn, Korat, Thailand. I arrived in-country on the last day of July '67. Day 1.

My good fortune followed me a bit further. The Surgeon General looked upon a number of us 3315 Entomologists and gave us an accelerated promotion to 03 Captain, Oct. 31, 1967. E1 to O3 in about 51 weeks. Thailand was an interesting assignment. We really weren’t supposed to be there I guess, we traveled with a passport.

From Thailand I went to Ft. McPherson, Ga, Third Army Medical Laboratory until ETS in March of 1970. Ft. Mac was a great assignment. I continued some research started in Thailand, met my wife, and worked with some great officers and EMs. From there I went back to the USFS in Alabama, Then forest entomologist with the City of Atlanta, Parks and Rec. Dept., and then to the USEPA, Pesticides Enforcement Branch, R4, in Atlanta in April '73. I retired from the P&TSB as senior enforcement officer in April 1998.

I worked another 13 years with the Ga DNR, EPD as an Ecological Risk Analyst in the Hazardous Waste Management Branch, finally retiring for good in May 2013.

I fish, hunt, shoot recreationally and do my best to enjoy life with my family now. What is not to like. (;<)


Thank you, Jersey Ed. I couldn’t have done it without your assistance.


We are here to help, sir ! :+1:

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Not trying to push you in one direction or another but I own two Rock Island 45s and love them both (neither are full sized).

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Here I thought I was fast, going from E1 to E4 in 5 months. Welcome to the community.


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Hello to everyone new the group and looking so much to seeing what I can learn from you all and what I maybe can offer help to others. I just signed up today so like i said bran new member!


That’s good to know. Thank you very much for the input. Going to have to get my hands on one to feel it out.

Welcome to the community brother and god bless you and thank you for your service

Hello, I took up owning a firearm when my husband died in a MVA. I went to classes and earned my concealed carry permit and learned how to shoot. I still need more training and am so very happy to have found this group. I am looking forward to the ride!


Welcome to the community sister and God bless you

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Thank you! I’m glad to be here. Still trying to figure how to maneuver around the site! Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!!!??:joy::joy::joy:


still trying to figure it out also and how to put my picture on profile

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Check out the New User Guide - there are how-to’s in that post that will help! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Community, @Jeff72!

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Dwayne here…joined today and already learned quite a bit.
Well , I shot my first handgun at 4 years old…I’m 63 now…yep…I found me a shinny 6 shooter in a uncle’s bedroom…picked it up and Boom.
Since age 12 I’ve had guns.
I retired from the Army Infantry…Combat vet…Drill Sgt …Platoon Sgt …all that …so weapons were my tools of my trade for 20 years.
Just too much training in rifle and handguns and other to began to list. Never enough.
Best advise…once you ever have to or decide to pull the trigger …it’s a done deal…for me…that means knowledge and training.
Glad to have joined up.