Weekend Drill: No Silhouettes Here

Does your range allow the use of silhouette targets? I’ve heard from a number of people throughout the Community that their ranges don’t allow those types of targets. That was news to me. The range I shoot and work out allows them.

Silhouette targets give you great reference points when you’re training, so what’s a good way to train without the silhouette? We’ve already talked about the Dot Torture Drill in the Community. Here is another suggestion from Kevin:

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Smart phone shot timer he says…hmmmm… That’s a great idea. Don’t mind if I do. Thanks!


The last range I shot at that didn’t allow silhouettes got mad at me because I hung t-shirts instead.
I didn’t get kicked off but it was the past time I went there.

I understand safety rules but the shape of a soft target has nothing to due with safety


I just downloaded a shot timer on Wednesday because I know I need to work on my respone speed. Just do the search and there are several to pick from.