We want to hear from you!

If you’ve ever toured the USCCA Headquarters you’ve seen our large area where we field all of your phone calls, emails, chats, and social interactions. These awesome people who talk with you all every day want to know what matters to you - what part of our interactions with you have really stood out to you. And they want to see your faces!

I’d love to help these teams out by gathering some self-made videos from you all and sharing them with those teams! Please take a minute or two to make a video about any / all of the following and send it to me:

Your favorite interaction with us on phones or digital care
Your best experience with the USCCA
Your favorite thing about the USCCA
Why you love the USCCA
Why you believe in the USCCA

These videos are for internal use only - if we ever use them somewhere else, we’d definitely talk to you first!

So get out those smartphones, take a quick video about any of those topics and email it to me at dawn@uscca.community

Also how about maybe a group photo so we can put a face with a name maybe ?
That would be amazingly awesome

Of the member services team? I can do something like that for you! Send them a video and I’ll get working on that photo! :slight_smile:

Not only for me Dawn, I was meaning for the Group more than anything. I thought it would be nice to actually see who we’re talking to, you know putting a face and name together

I’ll get that going on our end! I think there might be something in the works for that already, but I’ll let you know!

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Ok… Dawn… you know how so many people are getting those Amazon “Alexa” thingies. A number of these devices are video conferencing units and lots of people use them for talking with family, friends, neighbors…
From what I’ve been told it’s pretty darn simple to do and they can be accessed by someone with a smartphone and the Alexa app… Just saying, it doesn’t sound like its very proprietary at all and if you have three or four, or all of your customer service workstations set up for teleconferencing telephony???
I just know IT will just be thrilled with the new idea , security concerns, and deployment / training opportunities!