We only need 7 laws

So, where does a exaggerated story come into this? If I have a cast on my arm because I slipped and fell, I would rather say I was riding my dirt bike and I took this wild jump but when I went to land a stump was right in front of me and I landed right into it. OR I was deep sea fishing when I got a strike on my pole and as I was reeling it up it was like something else struck the line and pulled my elbow out of socket. I had a 240 lb. tuna on and apparently a great white shark took a bite from it. It is just a better story that is interesting rather than just, I slipped !

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All this is very thought provoking! :slight_smile:

@Shamrock , I can dig what your saying but still, not to keep pulling the trigger on an empty chamber so to speak (I’ve never beaten a dead horse, so I don’t use that saying), I’m not a fan of laws that were created to curb or mold ones possible behavior. It’s akin to Minority Report, or banning certain types of guns because people have done bad things with them.

Your lower down post. There seems to be a need for Corporate Law. Selling a product or service that is harmful to people, or property would fall under a bunch of the 7 above. But, one person’s (business owner, CEO, etc) actions could affect many many people in an adverse way. I agree, but in this conversation I’m targeting individuals. If you think about it though, if a business/corporation doesn’t hurt, kill, or cause property damage they are following the laws.

@David38 If you believe it to be true and relay it, it is not a lie. It may not be accurate information but, by the definition it’s not a lie. It’s the same with statements that can’t be proven to be true or false. If you believe in your mind and heart that something is true or false it’s not a lie if you tell it. Now, not all lies are necessarily bad, “Yes son, there really is a Santa Clause” but this is a lie. “The universe is infinite” , it can’t be proven one way or the other but if you believe it … and tell someone this, than it isn’t a lie.

If you knowingly tell a falsehood and it is believed and know one “catches” you on it, it’s still a lie.

Your legal example. If the person told you or gave you information that they believed to be true and you acted on it and were harmed, it’s still not a lie. It maybe something else, if they said you can ignite powder with a match and it will just sparkle. So you try it and it kills you, that would be killing or murder, but not a lie if they truly believed it would just sparkle.

My brain is stimulated that’s for sure. Most of these question pop up in my head in the shower, kina like Pooh’s “Thinking Spot” I don’t take any comments or disagreeing opinions personally. Like I mentioned above to @Shamrock it’s thought provoking and a great way to stimulate conversation, ,love it!

I also love the banter between you and @OldGnome , Thanks for the smile!

@Dave17 Yes on the …"in and of itself… I have seen some crazy stuff that can only be explained by someone who was impaired. Some good examples.

@Ouade5 I’ll check out that book, it sounds like it would be full of examples. Yes, if you had to re-up laws, with sunset clauses that would work to get stupid or antiquated laws off the books. AWB from decades ago dropping of rings a bell. At work we have, by design, very very very few laws/rules for our customers. We specifically tell them this, followed by “… we rely on peoples good nature and common sense…” We are in the hospitality industry which is really rough. At the completion of our services provided we sent out a survey, asking what you like, what we can do better, blah blah blah, the #2 thing that overwhelming customers say is our “Lack of rules and the freedom we let them enjoy as compared to all of our competitors”.

@Todd30 Not all lies are bad, some are funny, your examples. :slight_smile:

So, if there was a basic law you would add to the 7 what would it be?

No Disco! :rage:


Disco! I was like a senior in high school then! Whereas the music was kinda stupid and sucked, the memories!!!

Me, too, more or less. Worst prom ever!

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Platform shoes, bell bottoms, pukka shell necklace and large collard shirts! Yes, those were the days! :rofl: :joy: :crazy_face:


I had a girlfriend at the time who dressed me in Izod and Calvin Kline’s


9 laws now🤣


Say what you want about disco, at least the bands used real musicians. The stuff they play at dance clubs today uses the same beat as disco, but removes all the talent.

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You must be listening to Deadmau5.

I honestly don’t know who they’re playing at clubs, but it’s usually just a pulse through a subwoofer.
You get a little bit of that with disco, too, but you usually get a full rhythm section, some good singers, and sometimes a horn section. I don’t make fun of disco, anymore.


Even “Disco Duck”?


Yes, the current electronic music mostly does not have much in the way of lyrics, it is all beat driven, but there are some good djs that have good music. Most Big Band music also did not have lyrics.

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Or Pac-Man Fever.


True. Although some of them had amazing rhythm and horn sections.
They danced better back then, too.

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I don’t know about that, raves were fun when I was young.

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I’ve tried swing dancing. It takes a lot of (team) talent and athleticism. I never got good at it, but it made me appreciate all those old videos where the band was hot and the dance floor was (literally) jumping. I guess that’s why they used to have competitions.

Granted, this was all before TV and video games became commonplace.


Add three more and we have the Ten Commandments. They seem to have done the trick keeping society semi-civilized for millennia.

It’s only the shallow thinkers that are attempting to modify our rules and standards that have served us well until just lately. IMHO.


Never been to a rave but to each their own


I’m with you here. When I care for patients with broken legs or hips, they may say “oh it was so dumb - I fell on my own deck while reaching for the bird feeder to fill it up”. At that point I assure them that if they want to tell a story about skiing a double-black-diamond run, or wrecking a dirt bike, we will happily go along with that. So far my suggestion has not failed to make a patient smile.

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