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Love this and thanks for sharing!

Tim Schmidt’s quote in this video is so true. The USCCA fully supports National Concealed Carry Reciprocity and we hope to see it pass.

If you have not done so already, we would love to have your name added to our petition in support of NCCR. Check that out here: Take Action – National Concealed Carry Reciprocity.


Semi-terrific idea. [Why not national 2A? — already half-way there!]
But I kind of don’t see it in my lifetime.

For a carry permit to be recognized would be as if driver license requirements ranging from:

  • “Resident? …M’kay.”
  • “Top Secret Security Clearance, with personal endorsement of a Bonesman in good standing”.

…with 40 or so intermediate flavors in between had suddenly received universal recognition. I don’t see movement on national reciprocity until individual state requirements are much more aligned than currently. Everybody ready for restrictions where there are few — in exchange for freedoms where there are few?

Didn’t think so. I signed Tim’s petition last year, anyway. How’s that been going? Are we there yet?

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Not until the House, Senate, and Presidency flip.

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Too many blue states!

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We had that for the first two years of Trump and not a single pro 2A bill was passed. In fact Trump ended up successfully pushing more anti 2A actions in his 4 years than Obama did in his 8.

I’m not holding my breath on National reciprocity though I would love to not have my Constitutionally protected 2A rights taken away from me when I cross State lines.


BTDT. Other problems; no solutions.

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