Washington DC

this will make me rethink my plans to go to DC for the memorial day march


The policing in DC has been missing in action for many years now. This is not new news to anyone who’s lived or worked in DC.

When I lived and worked in DC, I would ride the Metro (usually standing up shoulder-to-shoulder), get off at the Foggy Bottom stop and get panhandled a couple times leaving the station. I’d walk about a mile down K Street. At the end of the day, I’d walk back to the Foggy Bottom station and get pandhandled again. Never once saw a policeman.


Looks like DC has a pretty good Mafia Prosecutor :disguised_face:, and the criminals have it made in the shade. :thinking:


So, they call the jan 6 an insurrection! What is it called when they do it to a whole city!! This is our proof that gun control doesn’t work!!!