Vivid Dream

The night before last I dreamed I was going to town to stop a fraud and place my vote for a local election. I was stopped by a group of sketchy young men. One pulled up in a car from behind and was pointing a gun at me. I pulled my G43 but didn’t pull the trigger.

He got IU of the car and came about on my other side pointing his gun at me. I pulled the trigger and nothing happened. They quickly grabbed my gun and me and made me empty my pockets. While they quickly checked my pockets somehow I managed to hid my knife deep inside my pocket. The leader left one of the young men to watch me and keep me from leaving

I kept denying what they accused me of and the guy finally believed me and briefly walked away against instructions. I quickly turned to the opposite direction and ran about a quarter mile to a fence that I quickly jumped over. About 20 big dogs ran towards me barking but I managed to turn it into play for the dogs. I saw a house and went up to the picture window (sliding glass door) and saw about 8 girls that were startled. I knocked and said I needed help fast. I needed the phone. They opened the door and let me in but were skeptical of me. I assured them I was harmless but needed help.

About the time two young men walked into the room from another room. The lead guy asked what was going on. I explained what hss as opened to me. He turned to the other guy and scolded him for telling people what they were doing and turned to me about to pull a gun.

I quickly pulled and opened my knife realizing my life was on the line. I quickly staved and sank the sharp blade deep into his stomach hesitantly and forced myself to slice all the way to his right side. He was still actively fighting me so I removed and sank it into the same entry point with the blade turned towards his other side and again hesitantly sliced towards his left side. It was gruesome. Tears caned to my eyes. But his was still fighting so I decided to jab into his chest into his heart but as he caught and I almost stabbed his heart the other guy snapped out of shock and started to move towards me. I proceeded to do the same to him but thankfully woke up.

The dream was disturbing. It made me unsure about my carry gun’s reliability. It also made me think I need to carry my 1011 instead and a better knife along with a backup gun. Just writing this down triggers emotions. Don’t know why but it has me second guessing everything.

If you think this should be removed or modified please feel free to do so. I know it’s grewsome. But I’d like to hear others response about it.

I had something similar couple of weeks ago which I only shared with my brother.

I was waiting at a crowded train platform when a pickpocket swiped my conceal carry pistol. I woke up p/off that I didn’t get to catch the thief.

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Hmmm think I saw that on tv. Guess most dreams (nightmares are dreams too) are short & too the point…just saying…

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The following night I dreamed that several people, including children were stuck in the middle of a rocky hill with hungry lions. I decided to save a 7 year old boy that was scared. So I made him run ahead of me with me guiding him. I picked him up at a fence and pushed him over and I followed. All of us were fighting off the lions desperately trying to survive.

No dream expert here but sounds like your brain is just processing and venting threats your conscious mind has been focusing on. Might be time for some fun mental daytime diversions?

When I was young and a couple decades before I got my first firearm, I had a bunch of dreams where people were chasing me and I pulled out a firearm and every time I pulled the trigger a spoon came out and bounced off the bad guys. It was at a time when I was having a bunch of dreams that eventually came true, but fortunately that one has not come to pass (knock on wood).

Likely just mental venting, but every ounce in awhile I think twice before grabbing my .380 instead of my 9 because of those dreams. Though maybe I need to get my hands on a 10mm;)

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I have nightmares regularly. Tied to extreme trauma. I dream of being on a battle field at night. My family is there and are being shot. Sometimes I am shooting them. It’s horrible. PTSD symptom. I take Prazocine for it.

Does not sound like fun. Hoping you have some pleasant dreams tonight!

Not knocking ptsd, I have had night terrors from time to time…the fact that you state spasifics Is an oddity. As in 7 yet old instead of just a child. Perhaps ( just perhaps) you should find someone religious to interpid your dreams.

You guys should avoid eating cheap pizza for dinner :thinking:


I guessed the age of the child from recalling the dream. Just a guess.

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Another dream/ nightmare. My SD firearm failed to fire. Was attacked by around 7 young men bend on murdering me. Luck saved me with all of their blundering mistakes. Woke up. I hate my dreams.

Don’t hate them try to understand & they normally go away. Best guess is that’s a common dream ( nightmare) among people that carry. In your dream you overcame the odds so not to fret. Your fear is incorrect as proof in the ending. I’m lucky, the ones I can’t figure out I ask my daughter she has a gift for that. If that doesn’t work I ask God. Works for me. I wish you luck…

Actually, nightmares are one of the symptoms of PTSD. I definitely developed it on active duty. The VA rated me very high on the spectrum. I avoid going places but am force by my wife. It is not likely to ever go away. The dreams get much worse. These dreams are the good outcome dreams. But they’re still tainted with things I avoid discussing. I appreciate your intentions.

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