USCCA’s 2020 Pledge: What Are We Committed to This Year? | USCCA

The new year is here! We at the USCCA wanted to get in on setting goals and intentions for 2020. It’s going to be a monumental year for the USCCA. We are exponentially adding to our community — surging to more than 300,000 members. We continue to garner national recognition by providing the best education, training and legal services out there.

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What is your pledge to yourself this year?

Mine is more range time. do more reloading of ammo so that I can go shooting more. Do more shooting competitions and volunteering for causes I fell strongly about.

ref.: @Jason Braun
#Jason Braun
Jason Braun in By The Numbers. Jan 2020 pg 130 for sharing thoughts

Because society has become such a legal hair trigger (pun not intended) it makes for a VERY thin line to maintain and comes with absolutely NO guarantees EXCEPT ulcers from fear and worry.

For this reason, I concur with your five-point pledge, but do so with extreme hesitancy, knowing that regardless of how well I conduct those five pledges, I know that my life at any time could change for the worse as I know it, and that could either be by my fault or the fault of the model on which justice, or the so-called justice system lays.

In my view, that’s not as comfortable a thought or very consoling as is my choice to practice my God Given and Constitutionally backed Right.

It forever leaves me in a very constant state of flux and uneasy feeling at all times.

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