USCCA Referral Program

I just received a $200 credit to the USCCA store because one of the people I referred joined using my email link. Thanks to my buddy who joined and thank you USCCA. I am very happy. I will continue to refer people.


Great to hear!

If you’re not sure what to get for the last little bit, I think it’s about $12 per 10 pack of targets, nice fillers to round out your $200.00 order :slight_smile:


I just go my order, from using my referral points not to long ago. It is a great program. The USCCA branded canteen is the bomb. Keeps cold liquids cold, even sitting in the sun, in the cab of a truck for hours. The bottle was literally almost too hot to touch, and the contents were still refrigerator cold.


I can’t wait to try on the USCCA Nexbelt which I ordered and I ordered the multi tool which looks kinda like a trayvax minimalist wallet. Got my wife a USCCA cap and T-shirt and myself a fitted cap and with the last little bit the gun cleaning cloth.


I am very happy with my Nextbelt.


I received my USCCA merchandise today and I am very happy with the quality. The Nexbelt is awesome and the caps are good quality also. The grey cap and grey shirt I purchased for my wife and the black one is mine and it’s fitted. Also got my multi tool and USCCA gun cleaning cloth.


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I recently made a referral at some training I went to Saturday and by Monday I was credited. Ended up ordering:

  • USCCA Tactical Duffel Bag
  • USCCA Tactical Backpack - Khaki
  • USCCA Gun Cleaning Cloth (x7)
  • 10 USCCA Targets

They were just delivered this afternoon. The duffel and backpack are HUGE and look like they’ll come in handy for my next road trip. The cleaning cloths will make snazzy stocking stuffers this holiday season.
Less than one week from the referral and my order has arrived.


Cool. I have some of their products. I think it good quality. I had made a couple of referrals myself.

Word to the wise, I learned that when I redeem, I really ought to spend the entire in one shopping cart moment, for example, spend all $200; because if one tries to redeem any balance on a second date, it was not there for me, I ended up having to call and they made a rare exception, not sure they could ever do that again.

Cannot recommend enough, those plastic “barrel blockers”; I learned just how important they can be to help be safe when handling a firearm. Please pick a few up, at least a few.

Feels great knowing a friend or family has that protection from the USCCA. Not to mention the education they can receive.


Correct, it is a one time use code. Not a gift card exactly, no carry over. Good for one year from date of creation.

Barrel blockers/chamber flags are exceptionally useful. Anybody who does any match or similar type stuff will become familiar with them, especially for long guns.


You gotta read the small print to catch the ‘one time use’. The targets and cleaning cloths are great for the last couple dollars.
Hoped to get some snap caps but I got a message that they were in the ‘instructor shop’ so it invalidated my credit. If I get another chance I’ll be sure to get the barrel blocker. I assumed they were likely in the ‘instructor’ shop as well, guess I should have checked.


Great choice with the Duffel bag! I have one as well and I was SHOCKED at how big it is. Glad to hear you also like it!


When I made my order, it was
Tactical backpack in Coyote
2 water canteens(these are awesome)
Tactical flashlight

The backpack is huge. The canteens are great. To test one, I put about 10 pieces of ice and some water in it. I drank the water on the way to work. It sat in the truck, from 6 am to 4 pm, on a day it was 113 best index and no clouds whatsoever. The ice was melted, but the water was refrigerator cold.

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