USCCA is going to take your money if you plead out or lose in your defense?

Does anyone know if USCCA has said anything about this?

yes, long time ago… hopefully me or other member will be able to find the thread and post the link soon…

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Here we go… it didn’t take long to find it :wink:


Hmmm I read it but didn’t read it as a lawyer. Where I live, if it’s deemed justified you won’t be charged and won’t need a lawyer. But with anti gunners with their hands in all matters of state. Odd are your going to need a lawyer. I got this as protection against being prosecuted for a legal act of defense. Happens all the time.
When I read the terms of “criminal act” I’m thinking of some idiot using their firearm to rob a store or something. OJ was found innocent for ■■■■ sake. Our system, the best in the world, isn’t perfect. If our lawyers get it plea deal and tell us to take it. We shouldn’t have to pay them back is all I’m saying. And it’s a 90% chance of that happening. Sounds like just adding to your homeowners insurance maybe the cheaper and just as effective route.

I got concerned about this, read the contract again, and was going to ask about it, and look into changing plans. This vid got me wound up; good lawyer there lol. First issue was the coverage the video shows is only valid in 2 states. Deeper search, a video on Warrior Poet Society iirc, a lawyer who…ah, minds a bit fuzzy and it’s been awhile, but he covers or covered USCCA members cases and now mainly or solely works for another group (carryguard iirc)…anyways, he still recommended USCCA as 1) they pay the lawyers quick and no questions asked and 2)to his knowledge have never lost a case.
I would love to hear more on this, I got a bit nervous for a bit and considered changing plans, but got reassured by the Lovells and Noirs of the youtube world. I think the main reason for this in the contract is to keep people from getting offensive with their firearm…you know, the “Imma gon kill ewe, 'cuz my insurance will bail me out” mentality I hope none of us have.


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