USCCA Instructors Do Not Sell USCCA Memberships

A remark in a recent thread in the community indicated a belief that USCCA Instructors include a sales pitch of USCCA membership in classes, and receive commissions for any memberships that result.

That is simply not so.

All USCCA course content is about the specific firearm safety, handling, and self defense topics in the course names. There is no promotion of USCCA membership in any course content. The closest we come is the very last slide of the CCHDF curriculum, which encourages students to join organizations that support Second Amendment rights “such as the United States Concealed Carry Association and the National Shooting Sports Foundation.”

While I cannot find the documentation, I can say when I became an instructor I was told I was never to promote or “sell” membership in my classes. If I want to give students an opportunity toi learn about USCCA membership, I am to invite a representative from Delta Defense to the class for that purpose. (I have not had occasion to do that.)

I invite other USCCA Instructors and Training Conselors to add your comments.


A good point, Craig. And you are of course correct on all the things

USCCA Instructors are just that, instructors certified to teach USCCA curriculum.

Sale of USCCA memberships is done by certain Delta Defense employees that are permitted to do so by Delta Defense, and will possess a current property and casualty insurance license for the state of the person(s) they are talking to/selling to.

This person may come in during or after the training course to sell memberships. Their position/title would likely be Account Executive.

As instructors are not P&C licensed and are not Delta Defense employees, they may not sell a membership and are not to discuss membership benefits, especially specifics of the self defense liability insurance access.

(Edit: There are individuals who are both instructors and employees and licensed, so there do exist individuals that overlap these two categories, but the vast majority of instructors do not also happen to be employees and probably the P&C licensed employees who are instructors are mostly located around HQ in Wisconsin, if I were to guess…and when a person goes to a USCCA training course they are not going to be ‘sold to’ by the instructor even if the instructor is also an employee of Delta Defense…there is a separation)


I have seen USCCA sponsored classes taught by certified instructors classes halted by Delta Defense employees who ask for raised hands for members, then proceed on a sales pitch for the USCCA.
In the many classes I have taken, I have never seen the class instructors present USCCA memberships to the attendees.
Personally I have seen one Delta Defense employee heckle a member for some unknown reason. Never understood that.
Never saw it again but once with the same employee.

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I know a local place that mostly does CCW classes, they are USCCA instructors and teach some USCCA Classes. When they do a CCW class a salesman comes in from USCCA and uses pretty high pressure sales techniques on the students and sells a lot of memberships. I’m and certain the training company is getting something for allowing it.

But, it’s not really a uscca course, but it kind of is. And it’s not part of the class, but to the student sitting in the classroom it all seems like one thing.