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Saving lives is a critical component of the USCCA mission. One of the ways this is accomplished is through the education provided in magazine articles, blog posts, videos and other media.

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Personally I would like to see more outcomes from self defense situations. In great detail from beginning to end real world stuff, no fluff.
As in the State of Florida-v-George Zimmerman case detailed by Massad and the Rittenhouse case, every single point of law and every objection overruled and sustained! What went wrong what went right, photos if possible.
Put me three days before the incident, minutes prior to the decision being made, the who, what and why all the actors the case law, state laws, court transcripts all involved and why it mattered!
Learned an awful lot from the Zimmerman case!


@Scott52 presents a cogent perspective. We have a very good publication with balanced offerings of the top four. Instructor Material is something the lay client gains by osmosis as training and tactics offer subject headers toward further discovery as they decide to approach USCCA for depth and accreditation. NRA and other single-topic 2A organizations are keeping the 2A discussion alive for those who have ears and are keen to keep up. We also make no bones and are a good source in concert with the USCCA-FSL special interest team. Self-defense true stories are good here, and Active Self Protection goes into detail for the novice and lay-person. As one becomes more interested in every aspect, there are ready links to training teams who offer many options to continue physical and mindset development.

We don’t regularly see the legal process and expectation of performance should the worst triggering event occur. Where we are required to understand that, which by definition is our responsibility (“ignorance is no defense”…) and yet requires doctorate-level education to practice in the halls of our justice system before our peers.

Perhaps this is a way of protecting the innocence of the defendant that our attorneys may show it more clearly to a jury. Or preventing the misguided possibility of jaded self-assurance at trial. Yet, this is an area in which we can only desire to know more than we may understand of the stakes at hand - literally, our lives as we may come to face it.


I would have liked to be able to select more than one answer. I intended to select 2A News AND Training & Tactics but was shut out after my first click. :disappointed: