USCCA Community App

Maybe instead of creating a whole new Community app from scratch…connect the website into Tapatalk app.


Great idea. I have Tapatalk. I actually looked for it there first.


This is more of a link on our home screen that takes you right to the Community in your browser :smiley:

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Oh that’s good! I already set short cuts.

If someone is using chrome on mobile, just click the 3 dots in the right upper corner. Then click “add to home screen”


Hey Everyone, this is your friendly local Community geek here to help answer your question! If I get too technical, @Dawn will translate.

Community is using a discussion platform called Discourse ( It’s a sophisticated tool that makes it easy to have discussions – my daughter recently explored using Discourse to create a role-playing game based on the Warrior Cat books by author Erin Hunter. My wallet is the only obstacle in the way of her using Discourse.

Discourse is available on Google Play and the Apple Store. Once installed, click the plus icon and add to have Community available within the app. I use the app because I follow several communities that use Discourse and I find it easy to navigate between them. Nonetheless, I don’t see any significant differences between the app and website. At work I lean on the website and at home I peruse Community with the app.

The website for Community is If you are on an Android, or a Mac or Windows machine, you’ll be able to install it as an app from the browser. Yes, on desktop also! Sorry iPhone users, you are out of luck. These are called Progressive Web Apps (PWA). PWAs have many similar capabilities as their native app counterparts. Most notably, it will look like the native app (the address bar will not be visible) and notifications will work. I believe @TexasEskimo, @Zee, and @Gary_H have a PWA installed. I’m a big fan of Progressive Web Apps. Unfortunately, I have an iPhone.

iPhone users are able to add an icon to their home screen by following the steps @Dawn mentioned earlier.

Here are a few recommendations for those that frequent Community:

  • Install the PWA if your smartphone, tablet, or computer (Chrome 73+) supports it.

  • If on an iPhone, and want to stay in the loop throughout the day, install Discourse from the Apple Store and allow notifications. For all others, add Community to your home screen to quickly access it through your browser.

I’m looking forward to the day when my iPhone supports PWAs.


@Aaron16 – the app works just fine on my iPhone X (latest iOS).


Great explanation


I DID IT!!! Thank all of you for posting! Now I don’t have to have my laptop:-)


Why not just migrate your forum software to one that works with existing apps like Tapatalk?