USCCA 2A Industry AMA - Join Us

Who: Guns & Gadgets
What: Live Ask Me Anything Q&A
Where: AMA Category — USCCA Community
When: Monday 5/16 — 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. (CST)
Why: Give our community members a chance to connect with the faces in the 2A space



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Yeah, what’s AMA?

Thinking an acronym for ask me anything… though I recall American Motorcycle Association :wink:
I know Guns and Gadgets as Jared’s YouTube channel. Don’t ask me Jared who :sweat_smile:
Thinking Jared must be visiting the uscca channel, but post makes something that could be explained in one sentence into a bit of a mystery and I could be totally wrong.

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It stands for “Ask Me Anything”. Jared, from Guns And Gadgets, will be here to answer any questions asked.