Welcome to our inaugural USCCA Community Ask Me Anything (AMA)!

Today we are joined by Jared from the Guns & Gadgets YouTube channel.

Jared is a former LEO turned YouTuber. He’s a passionate 2A advocate and provides the latest 2nd Amendment news each and every day.

We are very thankful to him for taking some time out of his day to answer questions from our community.

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  • Jared will try to answer all the questions he can in the hour we have.

Have fun, and we hope you enjoy!


Welcome Jared and Guns & Gadgets YouTube channel. I’ll look out for your channel on You Tube. With it being a good weather day, an hour can go by so fast, but will check out your channel and circle back here for community readings.

Actually, looking for new coffee options as well. I saw a coffee seller at a Gun Show booth/table; maybe we can run into your team at one of em one day too.

Good luck with your new endeavors.


I’m looking for a pocket carry preferable 9mm. Been carrying a Glock at 4 pm and it’s heavy and hot in the summer. Would like something that goes boom when needed (ie high reliability) but can be safely carried in a dress pants pocket for deep concealment.


Thanks Burdo! I appreciate that!! Enjoy this beautiful day!!


Thanks for the question Ezra! The few times I have pocket carried, I have used the Glock 43 and the Sig P365. I really don’t go smaller than those two options as I have large hands. Those are both dependable options and have lots of support for sights and magazines. Be safe!!


Hello I carry a kimber micro 9mm for my edc and I like to wear sweat shorts and it’s hard to carry in them do you know if the under tech undercover clothing works well thank you


Hey Jeff! Thanks for the question!!
I have not had the opportunity to try them, but I have a friend who LOVES them! With that, I would say that the weight of the firearm will play a significant factor in the comfort and success of this carry option.
Be safe!!


Thanks for taking some time to be here, Jared!

I know there are a lot of groups to donate to, but sometimes people simply aren’t able to give money. What can the average citizen do aside from monetary support to get involved and support the 2A?


Hey Tim! My pleasure!!!

So one of the best ways to get involved and support the 2A is to get “in the know”. Start by staying on top of everything that happens in the states. Another way is to get on the email lists of pro-2A groups and when there is a call to action, like calling or writing elected leaders, do just that! That absolutely has an effect!

Also, have conversations with your family and neighbors. Start breaking down those barriers. Take folks to the range and show them how fun shooting can be when done safely.

Of course, subscribing to Guns & Gadgets will keep you on top of everything as well. LOL!


Thanks, Jared! I don’t miss a video!


THANK YOU!!! I truly appreciate it!

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Hey Jared - How do you stay up to date on everything happening in the 2A community? Thanks


Hi Jared, watch you daily, and just a state south of you. Funny as my NY transplant neighbor is loving the “freedom” here in CT (as well as my guns :kissing_smiling_eyes:). Got no questions as I have all the answers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but just wanted to let you know you are a wealth of information. Between you and Bradon, Langley Outdoors, I get a well balanced good news/bad news dose of good information. Thanks for your commitment and knowledge.


Thanks for being here mj19!

It is not easy, but because it is my passion, I am basically always working to stay up to date. As you know, its has been busy regarding the frequency of the attacks on our rights, and I basically never switch off. I am always working as my wife puts it.


Did work ever give you trouble with working on your YouTube channel


THANK YOU mattm! That is very humbling and appreciated! CT is a beautiful state!! Will look even better with a little more freedom :wink:


Hey Chris249, thanks for the question.

At times, yes! I was lucky enough that everyone I worked with, and for, knew where I stood on the issues. It never got to be a hindrance but I will tell you that several of our state politicians do not send me Christmas cards.


Not surprised given the state we live in


Gotta keep them on their toes!


Love your channel, I’m truly thankful for keeping us updated and entertained!

I’m wondering how do you react to something like the Buffalo shooting when there is so much political treachery nowadays and it conveniently allows the radical left to address gun laws, white nationalists, racism, and distract from all things being exposed?