University of Virginia: suspect arrested in killing of three students, police


3 U-Va. students killed after gunman opens fire on bus, police say (

My heart goes out to both families, the victims’ families as well as the shooters’ family. Why? Can you imagine LE coming to your door to inform you of this kind of tragic news? In a like manner, can you imagine LE coming to your door saying your child is the one that did it?


This tragedy across the nation…

University of Idaho: Police identify 4 students found dead outside campus | CNN

What is going on with our babies? Smh.


You know, many of us that have reared children hope for their best in life. We do what we can to try to pave the way for them to have a decent life, and to make their contributions to society, and to rear another generation if they choose to. We have many reasons why we send them to institutions of higher learning. For some its simply for additional education, or to focus in specific specialty areas, and then some want to provide them a gateway out of the current environment to open up possibilities.

Often, at this we Mothers and Fathers, Grandparents are proud to share this information with our neighbors and friends, “My son or daughter or grands are at LMU, ESU, or ECU; they’re taking the world by storm and… they’re going to make a dent in society.” And then…something like this happens, and it just rips their hearts out.

I pray for them.


So tragic, and mind boggling. What’s going on in the heads of this generation these days. What’s the motivation that drives these kinds of actions.


That’s my question, too!


A few facts that MSN reporters didn’t mention. UVA didn’t expel this criminal for same reason that MSN muzzled the facts in their article, change my mind.

Let’s try a better source of facts


Off the top of my head, “they” took God and legally owned guns out of our schools.


They threw the baby out with the bathwater.


Only God can take God out of schools. If legally owned guns were in schools by responsible people innocent lives could have been saved. The problem is that is a scary thought to someone who has never carried a gun. My thought is how do we make guns less scary? My thought is to be less scary ourselves by wearing our hearts on our sleeves. I don’t think blaming will get us any closer.


I think the stigma has to somehow be removed pertaining to firearms. Many have been conditioned to believe that guns are just plain evil. You know this to be fact by just seeing how people react or respond around guns. Btw, here is the Zen riddle for you. People that are against guns will be the first to get up in your face about guns…go figure that one out. lol. All due to a flawed syllogism that is based solely on a faulty premise that continues to breakdown before the facts! But those that are anti-gun have their own truth and don’t want to be confused by the facts. And politicians based their campaigns on what is the hot button with those that have been conditioned to believe that guns are evil and wicked.

But the facts are that guns are neither safe nor unsafe by themselves. (This won’t win, the anti-gun advocate, elections). So, the programming is flawed, its deceptive.

The facts are. when gun owners learn and practice responsible gun ownership, guns are safe. So, somehow training of such needs to continue to be highlighted, not mandated, but highlighted through the same airwaves as the other message. The proof has always been in the pudding. If you took Basics of Pistol Shooting or Concealed Carry Course, you learned this.