Unexpected Benefits?

The protector lifestyle requires dedication, training, education, and situational awareness. It also requires you to acknowledge that there are evil people in this world that truly want to hurt others - something that can make others think we’re paranoid.

However, it has a lot of benefits as well. The ability to protect our loved ones being one of the biggest benefits.


What unexpected benefits have you found as you’ve lived the protector lifestyle?


A sense of security, a calmer mind and less anxiety. The companionship of like minded people.


I agree with both of you @BRUCE26 & @Dawn but would add meeting each one of you guys is a tremendous benefit!

We would have never crossed paths had not chosen to take carrying at the beginning of my adult life.

-Peace of mind
-Each one of you through discussion has contributed to my knowledge
-Extra sense apart from the 5 being awareness
-Most valuable is the education I’ve acquired through you guys and USCCA in general (Can’t forget my grandfather).


Less money to have to manage…


Patience in all things from crazy oblivious drivers to unruly customers. Probably better health, less stress knowing I can defend myself and my family. The only thing I stress about is the aftermath of said defense. But I have good people on my side. You know who I’m talking about! I have USCCA and the Constitution on my six.


Definitely stress reduction, not just from the zen of shooting practice, but because I am more confident I can handle bad things better if they happen. I really hate feeling powerless and being a protector turns that on its head.

Its something my hubby and I share , both in practice and in values.

I’m passing it along to my granddaughter and great granddaughter, and now one of my nieces., and their friends.

I’ve got first aid skills I wouldn’t otherwise have learned.


Unexpected Benefits… :thinking:

  1. Fulfilling another part of my calling… Provider, Priest, & Protector
  2. I learned about the (omitted) racist history of gun control.
  3. I gained a really fun hobby with practical applications.
  4. Where generational differences can be a barrier, I’ve gained older brothers as mentors at church (guys that have been shooting longer than I’ve been living).
  5. A chance to stand on the side of FREEDOM. To stand with the few against the many :innocent:
  6. Gun rights are the issue that got me off the so-called “democratic plantation”

@DLVick38 I’m really loving everything about your answer.


Total peace. It’s my duty as a husband, father, and provider.

I did not grow up in a household with firearms, even though my family was all pro-2A. My wife won’t carry, and my in-laws are violently anti-2A. All of that said, my wife supports my decision to carry 100%. Her support, and the fact that I know I’m doing the right thing, allows me to sleep well at night.


LOL!!! My kids have that same benefit! :wink:


DLVick38, that was a totally righteous answer!!! :+1:


I realize this conversation hasn’t been active for a while, but I’d like to add my thought.
This lifestyle has made me more conscious of certain laws most of us bend and stretch a bit.
I had always been one to exceed speed limits on open roads…sometimes excessively exceeding.
My son noticed when I began concealed carrying that it was taking us longer to get places. I explained to him how a traffic stop for me could increase anxiety for an officer and myself. The officers don’t know me, and at first at least their guard is (and should be) heightened.
The other reason I told him is that a traffic stop for me is probably going to take a bit longer than it would for him.
I know this may sound a little humorous to some, but I think about it.
I don’t stress over it, but it’s just one of those little things I do somewhat differently now that also has benefits for me and other citizens.

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