Conceal Carry Training helping you excel in other parts of life.

I’ve noticed Conceal Carry Training has helped me in other areas of my life.

I learned that you have more control over your firearm if you jam it in your holster, or if you shoot from retention.

That retention position helped me today with learning how to polish car parts at my new job, helping me maintain control of the sander, and buffer pads.

In what ways or areas of life has conceal carry training taught you, that has also applied to other aspects of life?


It helps me keep my temper in check. :slightly_smiling_face:


Not just CC training, but SD training in general. Sounds crazy but, the more I train, the more at ease I am in general with my surroundings regardless of where I am in the world.


i find being highly trained in multiple disciplines to be enabling. It has enabled me to be a super nice guy!


Fire arms training has led me to this community. This community is a big part of my life.


Conceal carry training has boosted my confidence. It has taught me to keep my cool, not to ever be an aggressor, stay humble and to be a more responsible person.


Conceal Carry has taught me to be a little more organized in my thoughts and my actions, ie the way I get money out, or how I put groceries in my car.


:thinking: I guess it gets me to the range more often which makes me happier.

I’ve actually had the opposite for the most part. For example, growing up around power tools trained me to keep my finger off the trigger until I’m ready to cut/drill/etc. You don’t want to have your finger on the trigger of a Skillsaw while holding it next to your leg. Growing up working on cars and repairing other things gave me a real appreciation of how firearms work and how to maintain and fix 'em (amateur gunsmithing). And I’ve always been more of a quiet & observant type of person, so learning about situational awareness just put a name to a lot of the things I’d already been doing.


This :point_up:t4: numero uno


It has taught me to be a more polite and respectful citizen. I am more patient and keep my temper in check. If someone cuts me off in traffic, snags a parking spot I’ve been waiting for, or is rude; I just shrug it off and go about my day.

I also find that I am more situationally aware now, and observing other people’s behaviors and things that seem out of place. I also don’t mind waiting a few minutes for a table at a Restaraunt. It gives me extra time to scan the room for exit routes, cover, concealment, and the other patrons in the Restaraunt.


I eat more green beans and smile at everyone I make eye contact with.


It helps me be more alert when I’m doing other jobs so I can see what is going on around me.


Where to start?

It helped me write emergency plans and train the staff where I work.

Helped me start and develop our church security team.

Has made my wife feel more secure when we are out in public in this uncertain world.

Has helped me teach my kids about personal safety.

Had helped me be a better friend and advisor about personal security to many people.

Made me humble. The more I know the more I realize how little I know.


It made me even more aware of myself and surroundings. I pay more attention to stuff Govt is doing. Also, to the quality of the equipment i use :us: