Understanding shooting an reloading lead bullets

Dig deep get a heap. Any questions or concerns about shooting and or reloading lead bullets.


Wash yer paws, don’t eat or smoke when reloading lead.

If you are going to cast your own lead boolits you had best know what your up against before you start, it will kill you slowly and painfully.

The faster you run lead the more lead you leave in the tube.

Other than that they work great for punching holes in paper or breaking things I recommend them highly for practice and in lower velocity large bore guns on critters.




I wear gloves and when melting and pouring the lead I wear a Gas mask. Safety first!


If you are getting into reloading for the purpose of feeding your Glock handgun, you need to reconsider loading lead (non jacketed) rounds.

Unlike conventionally rifled barrels with lands and grooves that engrave their twist pattern into the bullet, Glock barrels have polygonal rifling which is relatively smooth and imparts its spin to the bullet by swaging its twist pattern onto the projectile. This leaves less of a mark than conventional rifling and minimizes deformation to the exterior of the bullet.

All but the hardest and properly sized lead bullets tend to skid on polygonal rifling, leaving unwanted deposits that build up over a relatively small number of shots. This degrades accuracy and increases pressures, making frequent inspection and cleaning a necessity.

Stay safe out there.


Do you have any lead bullet loads with N310 powder?

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No. I don’t use any Vihtavuori powder. It’s popular but I’m happy with the original old school powder and reloading manuals.

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I’ve read the dust from fired primers is a much bigger hazard.

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So I generally only load ~230 grain bullets in 45 acp but I see there’s data for 250 grain.

Has anyone here tried bullets heavier than 230? @Craig6 @Todd30 @Blacky @PDA3

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So how did those loads work for you? Did they cause a bulge in the brass from being longer than standard?
Did they cause a significant shift in point of impact from your sight setting?

Give me a call

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Sorry can’t help. I only load 9 and 40 plinking rounds. Heaviest on 40 is 180gr.

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Check out

and proceed with caution.


Ive been casting for 50+ years
as long you use a good exhaust system and follow the other recommendations you will be fine



Mr. Michael ; I don’t have the space to make cast bULLETS cause it’s already taken by other toys. One side of the barn is reloading and, Home Depo, the other side is rods reels, Super glide H.D.and the loft is archery.
Got a question : I shot a lot a lot of over the counter cast/lead bULLETS of all kinds but I never had a blood test for lead/heaven metal
PS: not a warning just that some kinds of fun is bad for our heath ie: if a chemical smells good it’s bad for us ( love The smell of # 9 ).
HAVE YOU :question::question::question::question:

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Paradox regarding muzzle jump ; before the round leaves the fire arm, or after leaving the fire arm.