Under shoulder holsters

I have been searching for and under shoulder system. Most I have seen for semi auto are similar to belt carry or are level against side.
What im looking for is no snaps or velcro. But handle slightly elevated. So if needed to be deployed it can be more covertly.
My side holster is great its molded to my semi auto ,so it won’t fall out. Its tipped forward so its easier to deploy without anyone wiser to its deployment.
I dont know if its me or standard fits are not for me? Images an links would be helpful.
Even my knife case is easier deploy in a tight situation. Its level with belt accross my back. For example some aggressors tell you to put hands behind back. I can deploy it with no one seeing it.
My leather smith who made it has past away. He was really good at reading a persons posture for a good fit.


check this out

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Spectre Shoulder Holster - 30° Angle, Ergonomic Draw| GunfightersINC

I’m not overly fond of shoulder holsters due to their inherent flagging issues, but to each their own.

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No to mention that many require two hands to operate. The video you posted shows the non-dominate hand holding the holster (and being flagged by the firearm) while the dominate hand draws the weapon.


pretty much any kydex shoulder holster that uses tension retention will have this issue. without using the off hand to hold the holster generally the draw tends to take the holster with the pistol on the forward draw motion. its why most shoulder holsters are leather and use a thumb snap as retention. then you have the inherent flagging issue of your own hand and anyone that’s behind or beside you on the draw side. because of this even the handful of indoor ranges that will let you “qualify” to draw from the holster will not let you use them at their facilities. same generally goes for small of the back holsters as well.


The one for my 40 its easy to use, but my 357 won’t fit. Picked up a cheap one but snaps broke when deployment.