Ulticlips for concealed carry

Anyone using these? If you’re using Ulticlip 3+, are you still using a gun belt for added support? I just put some on a Crossbreed Reckoning holster to carry a Springfield Hellcat OSP, and I’m interested in your observations and experiences.

I haven’t used them, is this what you’re referring to @GuitarJoe?


Yes, ma’am! I saw a demo by John Lovell of Warrior Poet Society on YouTube, and saw them for sale on Crossbreed’s website, and decided to give them a try. Just wondered if anyone else had a go with them.

My first holster has one. They are not to be used over belts. Additionally, under the belt doesn’t work for me at all. The belt keeps coming up over the clip forcing the holster down further. It’s great for when you don’t wear a belt though. I didn’t wear mine long enough to see how clothing lasts under the clip.


I had that option when I got my Axis Elite for the G19. I stayed with the regular clips, which do work well. I am staying tuned here to see if others are happy with the new style clips. I have a great gun belt and it all works fine, but I am always open for improvement.


Well, I used them for a few hours at 4 o’clock and then moved the holster to about 2 o’clock (because my back was starting to hurt…again).

I was using the Ulticlip 3+ clips, which clip on to the pants and go under the belt.

They hold the holster and weapon in place quite well, as advertised. However, because of the way my Crossbreed Reckoning holster is shaped, they were making the belt stick out more wearing it at 2 o’clock. At 4 o’clock, the belt seemed to want to go higher than normal on top of the clips, which partially obstructed my draw.

Speaking of drawing, I tried a few practice draws (with my weapon unloaded, of course) and I found that one of the clips was scratching my knuckle as I gripped the pistol. Again, this has to do with the way the holster is designed, thus it would not be an issue if using a Supertuck or similar IWB holster with the clips set wider apart and away from the kydex holding the weapon. It probably wouldn’t be an issue if using a sidecar-style AIWB holster either.

I’m gonna keep them in case I ever need to wear a shirt tucked in with my rig, but I’m sticking with the old-fashioned spring steel clips that came with my Crossbreed.

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Me, my wife, and my son use the Ulticlips. My wife w/o a belt (3+). My son and I, with gun belts (XL’s).

XL’s are for use over belts.

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Thank You for all the info,
Nice to see new alternatives on the market
Seems like they utilize the same retention as suspenders, And look how much they hold up

Aliengear has IWB holsters that let you tuck in a shirt, so does Crossbreed and some of the other manufacturers.

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