Two at Once

I have two pistols that I like to carry. I was thinking of carrying both at the same time, but I’m not sure what would be the best way to go about this. The two that I carry are a 1911, and PPKs. I’m not even sure if it would be worth carrying both. I mainly carry the PPKs to and form work and around the town I live. I like to carry the 1911 when I go to Detroit and the surrounding areas. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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I usually only carry two in the winter, my 1911 on my right hip under a winter coat and a Beretta Tomcat .32acp. in an outside pocket for easier access.
Otherwise, a shoulder holster for the PPK or a small of back holster.
Also depends on how you dress. I usually carry a pistol, a knife and pepper jell along with a heavy walking stick so I dress to carry. :wink:


I have a shoulder holster for my 1911, and a IWB for my PPK. In the winter it’s easier to carry both. I just want to find a way to carry both in the summer (the shoulder holster won’t work as i don’t ware a coat) but i did not think of the small of the back. Thank you.


Let me lead with this:

What less-lethal defensive tools will you also carry?

What life saving first aid/medical will you also carry?

I recommend considering whether or not, and how, to carry a second pistol based on how extensive those first two answers are (likely, where you carry those other things will limit where you can carry the second gun, and vice versa)


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@906Robert ,
It is easier during the winter months to carry two pistols although I only carry one. During the summer I only carry one. Back in the days as a LE officer I carried two while on patrol. One on my duty holster right hip and the other on either a shoulder or an ankle holster. But to answer your question you could wear a loose/baggy fitting button down shirt to conceal the 1911 and if you wear cargo shorts the PPKs in a sticky holster. just a suggestion.