True Stories - 2023

Yes, I, too, had an occasional box, who didn’t? Does it even still exist?


I don’t bother to flash brights or any such thing anymore…

I just do my best to ignore the dips…

I am no longer in a hurry to get much of anywhere…

and often leave early enough I don’t need to rush…


The only time I flash my lights is when someone seems like they want to cut in front of me to give them the go ahead. People die in car accidents all the time. I think the lights and horn are used to avoid accidents not get out ones frustration. I remember a time when one could get a ticket for it. I take driving as seriously as carrying a gun.


This :point_up_2:t4: it’s meant to communicate one’s politely and courteously yielding the right of way.


I had a 9:15AM doctor’s appointment last week. I internally groaned when my wife decided she wanted to go with me to do some shopping after the appointment. We discussed departure time and I said between 8:15 and 8:30 at latest. She checked the GPS and said we don’t need to leave until 8:45, and I am just ridiculous.

We got off at 8:40, drove 15 to 25 mph in a 35mph zone to get off the island. Then a freight train came through and delayed us more. I ended up 5 minutes late. My wife proudly announced that was pretty good …


The doctors always run late anyway.


Out of curiosity,and because you mentioned it, is there a particular reason you drove at half of the speed limit?


Lots of people drive half, or less, than the speed limit while on the island, until they get to the bridge off the island. Then they drive 60mph over the bridge, go figure. The dunes are built up so you can’t see the ocean until you get to the bridge …

There is nowhere to pass on the island.

Edit: speed limit on island and bridge is 35mph


And the guy holding up traffic is thoroughly enjoying what they see in the rear view mirror. :rage: