Tritium sights on S&W EZ

I recently bought a S&W .380 EZ performance center

It is a good weapon when you have developed arthritis.

It is easy to shoot but I’m having a difficult time seeing the sights against a dark target.
I don’t have that problem with my S&W 9mm, .22 and PPK - and they just have simple sights. Once on target, I can hold a pattern of about a tennis ball at 25 foot. Not bad for me, since I’m relatively new to shooting.

This performance center 380 has * HI-VIZ® Litewave H3™ Tritium/Litepipe Sights.
What can one expect with that? In total darkness, isn’t one supposed to see something? S&W sent me a new front sight. It also doesn’t light up.

I almost suspect my weapon was shipped without a Tritium sight. The replacements seem to behave the same.

How can one tell whehter these are truly Tritium sights, before I contact S&W again?

Thanks for your input.



These I got for the M$P9 4.5"
The Tritium back sight died almost immediately after purchase. Haven’t a clue why?
They run about $130 ? and they are awesome!
So Sorry, it’s another expense but these are well worth it.
Clearing Vacant Apartments and dark Community hallways and Laurdry Facilities I relied on these babies! I got the Green front one.

Sorry, Welcome HOME REM !



I wonder if some of the larger firearm brick and mortar stores have any “sights” in stock they can let you compare it to.

But do not pull out your firearm even if unloaded. When ever I need a gun shop to look at mine, I ask them in person for permission first, and have it in a box, already unloaded, I let them open the box.


I haven’t used these particular sights but I am a big fan of the orange ring around the tritium center. They are easy to pick up in a wide variety of lighting conditions.

I usually black out the rear tritium sights with a sharpy unless they are noticeably duller than the front sight. I want my eye drawn to the front sight without getting distracted by the rear.

I’m not familiar with the Lightwave sights. They look like a fiber optic perhaps with some tritium to light the optic in really dark lighting? If they have Tritium in them they should be fairly visible in a fairly dark room. You should at least see something if you are in a pitch black room.


@Rem, I don’t know much about the HiViz but in this topic there were some 9 & 380 EZ discussions of night sights. When I purchased Truglo for my S&W 9 EZ I recall they specifically saying if it was for the ez models or not.


@Rem , without picture we are not able to verify what sights are mounted on your EZ380.

Here you have screenshot from HIVIZ website.
These are HI-VIZ® Litewave H3™ Tritium/Litepipe S&W EZ380 Sights

Please let us know if these are installed on your pistol.

Screenshot from 2024-04-13 18-54-30

When you look on side of sights body you should see stamp H3. If you don’t see it - there is no tritium insert.


I’ll have to contact S&W again to see what the problem may be.

These sights are very difficult to see on downrange black paper. To find the green front sight, I aim for the white edge of the paper and walk it up to where I want to place the round. The muzzle flip is minimal so I can usually keep track of the front sight without going to the edge of the paper again.
Of course, this weapon is only two weeks old to me. It takes some time to get used to.

The EZ and my PPK are easy to carry under just a t-shirt.
Not that I’ve ever been in a true defensive situation, but I do carry a defensive flashlight in my belt - just in case. It is always good to have a flashlight around.
It has a ring on it so you can hold it with your support hand while supporting your shooting hand. That takes practice, a technique I have not mastered yet. Working on it.
With both these weapons, I can very easily acquire the iron sights. I actually love the PPK for that reason (but it is a brutal gun to get used to shooting. After 1500 rounds, I’ve come to love this weapon).

My 9mm S&W MP is staged as a home defense weapon.
It has a red dot and flashlight on the rail.
I carry it but to hide it is more of a challenge. It hides well under a jacket, suit or Hawaiian shirt.

I go to the range often so want to be proficient with all these weapons using it the way it is staged. – Besides, or course, shooting at paper is so much fun. :slight_smile:

The tritium sights that came with this EZ are a bit disappointing.
The rest of the weapon performs very well. If S&W can’t provide a better sight, I’ll investigate after markets.


Those are the sights that are said to have been mounted on the weapon.

They look similar but don’t emit light, even in total darkness.

This is what it says on the rear sight. I’ve also included a picture of near-dark conditions. I actually cannot see these dots but my camera must be better at it. It is really faint.
I’m not sure whether that faint light my camera is seeing is emission from Tritium or a reflection from the slight bit of light coming through my office’s windows.

Regardless, I cannot see it.


To be honest… I don’t know what the issue might be.
I suspect that your eyes just don’t pickup all the light spectrum or low brightness.
Sights are very personal and not all of them work for each of us.

Looking at the picture, nothing seems to be wrong. These shine the same as my every tritium sights.
You can try to contact S&W, perhaps they find a solution for you, but I’m guessing that either Tritium or HiViz just don’t work with your eyes.

If S&W won’t help (either they send you replacement or not) I would suggest to go with the same sights you have on your S&W 9.

Good luck.


I suspect you are right. Taking a picture of it drove the point home. That was a good idea.
My eyes have gone backwards. The ravages of old age, no doubt. :slight_smile:

Clearly, the camera picked the sights up, albeit they are quite dim even on the camera.
I may visit a couple of the larger stores to see whether they have brighter ones that may fit my EZ.
If anything, I may replace them with white dot sights.

I want to shoot accurately so do want to fix this.

I truly appreciate all your advice and help, all! Thank you!


Sometimes cameras can show things to be brighter or darker than what you are seeing. I would recommend asking someone else to look at the sights in a dark room or closet and get their opinion on how bright they are.


Also the night sights that came on my Sig P365 looked similar to your photo. The rears were too bright and the front was small and dim. I bought a new front sight from a different manufacturer that was noticeably larger and brighter and dimmed the rears with a marker.


I bought the Trilium sights for my Glock 43X and love them and purchased a set for my 9mm Ruger and getting a set for my wife’s 9mm M&P

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I ended up buying a red dot for this weapon. My s&w 9 mm has had one. It has the optic ready slide.
I purchased a dovetail mount for my s&w 380 ez and moubted a Holosun green dot on it. It adds some bulk but it is easily concealed.
It gets me on target quickly and can consistently hold a pattern the size of a tennis ball at 20 feet, now that I’m used to it.

My eyes aren’t as good as they used to be so this was good compromise for me.