Travelling to countries

There is little to no difference between a “democracy” or any other type of government that takes away the rights of it’s citizens in order to protect their own corrupt self interests.


Self defence is a human right. Guns are not a human right.

Guns are a human reality. Criminals and tyrants will always use the best tools they can get their hands on to force their will on others. I am just asking for a fair chance to not be at their mercy.


Been to other countries… none that I have been to ever ‘felt liberated by not carrying firearms’.

The rights we have are inalienable, and are NOT granted by government.


The rights ARE granted by government.

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No, wrong. The government is only supposed to protect those inalienable rights.

Since I am writing now of other countries, this post is not off-topic.

Is it a human rights violation in Central America? Thousands of helpless people want to escape the gangs, cartels, and oppressive governments. Do you really believe that they want to expose themselves or their children to such a dangerous journey?

If such an environment manifested itself in America, ordinary citizens could grab a rifle, form a militia, and get to work. No gang or cartel could defend itself from free men and women who are armed and motivated.

The poor people of those countries have the right of ( meaningful ) self-defense denied to them. Denied by their own laws. If they had a Second Amendment, they could grab a rifle and get to work taking back their country.

Love America too much you say? Nonsense. It is just that sort of thinking that has created the mess we are in.


In the context of constitutional rights and “human rights” meaning those rights guaranteed under not by the Constitution,one might understand that it all points to the Declaration of Independence. In that case the first paragraphs and the last lines become exceedingly important. 1) everyone vows to stay and fight( last lines) to their death. 2) the distinction of political differences is outlined in the justification to the world. This is very much different than the " human rights" argument made today where,everyone has a right based upon being alive and “human”. To be human does not necessarily guarantee much,and if you go to inalienable rights( God granted) then Judeo Christian Bible wise,life can be carried out as a servant or slave to a master,and so long as that master is not against the will of God,then your life right is not violated.

As for men and other countries,one might note that differences in the value of life,as stated culturally,is the difference between how or who may fight for freedom and who doesn’t.
Which takes us back to the unique construction of our constitution,based in part on the Declaration of Independence and the fough over provisions as men wrestled with control vs freedom,vs God’s desire for men.
It is of no small matter that 51 of the first 55 signers were preachers or pastors,

But more importantly is the fact that this unique construction of documents,was men throwing of the yoke of other govt types that enslaved men via govt,law or religion.

The evil that men do,in perversion of the law is some form of abridging the rights of men,but those rights if not codified in law are worthless,if the people do not understand,you can have anarchy,monarchy,democracy by title but socialism by application,fascism,( any ism)

The republic form of democratic government with its unique valuation of people( as written) not as perverted is the question when we talk about rights

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No they are not. You think America is so special

I can only say,having travelled extensively,that I appreciate America,and to those who don’t,you haven’t travelled or experienced enough.

This is from countries where controlling soldiers,begged for a way out, to countries today(2019) that have no hospitals( only pregnancy clinics) that when people get hurt(break an arm as an ex,) people die at every level citizen to govt leaders if they cannot get flown to another country.
From people who have weapons to those who hide weapons.

The world is much more challenging than the avg tourist believes,and ignorance may get u by for awhile,but the bill always comes due.

Everyone likes something nice,some just go along and take,some complain,some will fight for it. The question becomes who is deserving of it? The taker of others things? The complainer( who always has a reason to complain?) ,The one who fought to make it nice to begin with?

These are actually values questions? Not rights questions.

In that America is very special


In a Representative Republic such as the USA, the people elect representatives whose job is to protect the rights and freedoms of the citizens. The government made up of those representatives does not grant anyone rights. The rights are ours to keep and defend.

Back on topic, I have traveled to a couple of Central American countries with strict gun laws. Only the criminals and government authorities (often hard to tell which were which) had guns. Met many great people and heard several sad stories of how their now deceased relatives were defenseless to defend themselves against both those groups.


No, they are not.

Apparently you do not actually know what rights are, or have any understanding of what the Constitution is.

Government does not grant our rights. Government is instituted to secure our rights.


Yes. Yes we do.


One side says:
Do what you want

The oth ere side says:
Do what I want

$100 says you can guess which is which…


The agenda behind a thread with a title that makes you think it’s about tourism



Before we go abroad, lets travel to New York

Do you support this bill???


Naturally he would… government grants our rights… he says.

This is just government tyranny… but for a good reason…



They are not Democracies, they are Socialist countries. Is the People’s Republic of China a Republic, then, because that is in its name?


By that logic no government has ever violated human rights, since it is at their discretion what rights, or lack thereof, the people may have at any given time.


I’m saying that when I travel to nations other than the United States, I don’t walk around citing United States laws.

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