Traveling to CO with “hicap”magazines

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I plan to travel to Colorado later this year for a shooting competition at the Cameo Shooting complex outside Grand Junction. There is some confusion among shooters from Texas if we can legally fly or drive into CO with magazines that hold more than 15 rounds. The CO law says if you owned them prior to 2013, you can still possess them. The question then becomes how do I prove that? The burden of proof seems to be on the magazine owner.

I stopped going to competitions in CO because of that law being passed. That said, you are from out of State, and as you have surmised, there is no way to enforce it. I did at one time speak to the organizers of an event there about it, and they were all saying come on down, they just don’t enforce it. Stay out of Denver and Boulder.

My few cents of advice, and certainly nowhere near a lawyer or have slept in a Motel 6 recently.


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Since you are an out-of-state resident where they are legal, as long as they stay in your possession while you are there shouldn’t be an issue IMHO. Providing proof that you purchased them prior to 2013 only applies to CO residents?

I’m not a lawyer but watch reruns of Perry Mason,.

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I am not a lawyer but I did play one on T.V.
The Colorado state law banning the sale and transfer of large-capacity gun magazines has not stopped the sale and transfer of magazines that hold more than 15 rounds of ammunition.

An undercover investigation by 9Wants to Know found examples of gun stores in Colorado either ignoring the law altogether or finding a loophole to get around the law.
30-round mag; They have to sell it as parts.

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I went through CO recently on a Western Circuit with the family. That was also how I read & was told* it worked.
Also, isn’t the burden of proof on the state? Innocent until proven guilty and all that?
*Admittedly, not by a lawyer or CO LEO. By residents of CO.

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The burden of proof should be on the State but that likely won’t stop a potentially very inconvenient detention and court proceeding if you run into the wrong LEO and prosecutor.

Agreed. But considering the majority of LE are pro 2A, as long as there’s no other reason for them to distrust you, even the most junior officer would have to know it wouldn’t stick. Assuming the mags you have aren’t obviously mnfr’d after 2013(ie. branded, engraved w/ a recent phrase/ celebrity etc).

I have great respect for the majority of LEOs out there. But some are always on the lookout for an excuse to give people a hard time. And I have read quotes from more than a few about how citizens should not be armed. Granted most of those quotes seem to come from officers in big cities.

Had to travel through CO recently. Talked to some residents before I traveled. Apparently enforcement is up to the sheriffs, some of whom enforce and some of whom don’t. I traveled with 15 round mags after learning that. Lots of drugs and stupid people in CO, lots of itchy cops. Why risk arrest if you don’t have to?

I always have three CA mags for every firearm I own for when I have to travel through fascist states. It’s a lot cheaper than a lawyer.I don’t expect to ever get into a John Wick scenario where I would need to burn 45 rounds fighting the Yakuza. 30 is plenty, and if it’s not, bad on me…

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If you still attend it; good luck in your competition; enjoy. I imagine you already contacted the “Cameo Shooting complex outside Grand Junction”, to ask. how their competitors faired with that law, and maybe they lead you to the credible source to CYA.


Grandfather Clause. A person may possess a large-capacity magazine if he or she (1) owns the magazine on July 1, 2013 and (2) maintains continuous possession of the magazine. If a person asserts the grandfather provision as a defense against an alleged violation of the law, the prosecution has the burden of proof to refute the assertion."


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I don’t expect to ever get into a John Wick scenario where I would need to burn 45 rounds fighting the Yakuza. 30 is plenty, and if it’s not, bad on me…”:wink:


Contact the event sponsor and hosting range. Even if they know the answer ask for the name of a knowledgeable attorney in the area.