“Trans Vengeance” Day

Have heard from a couple of buddies that there is a “Trans Vengeance” Day being planned by the LBGTQ and ANTIFA organizations. I do not do social media a lot so this kinda took me by surprise. The Trans shooter in Nashville apparently had training but even more concerning is the fact that she planned the attack out with attention to detail. Carrying is not enough against people like this. Situational awareness and luck would seem to be the foremost components of survival against this king of evil.


I also heard that global warming was going to put New York City underwater by 2012, and the Supreme Court would declare Donald Trump to be president in 2022.


I don’t know if I would call it luck. I think of it as a gift of fear or intuition. Definitely situational awareness.


This was brought up on another thread. There is apparently a protest planned in front of the Supreme Court in DC this Saturday being promoted as Trans Vengeance Day. It was being promoted before the Nashville shooting took place.

I didn’t come across any references to ANTIFA being involved but given how they like to jump in on other peoples’ movements in order to create maximum chaos and push their own agenda it wouldn’t surprise me if they showed up as well.


Yes, it was planned before the Nashville murders.
By the way, conservatives who shared the info after the murders were temporarily suspended on Twitter.
Someone in Elon’s staff didn’t want people connecting the dots.

By the way, a trans activist openly used the hashtag #transterrorism so there…


Maybe we need a “Regular Middle Class Hard Working American Citizen Vengeance Day”. :muscle:


Maybe an Ambush day!

They did say wear a mask and bring a buddy, I’m game!

C’mon, they’ve already played their cards wrong.
They gave away their date, time and position!
If we let them have the upper hand, they will succeed and nothing wins more wars than a high morale and success rate!
Everyday we give away more!


Seriously? April 1st!!!


They’re not the sharpest tools in the shed.


I just don’t feel I’ve had a large enough sample size of interactions with trans people to make judgements on the group as a whole or the individuals that make it up.

As far as I’m concerned what someone wants to do with the parts between their legs is non of my business. As long as they do it to themselves or with other consenting adults. And as long as they don’t try to force me to make it my business. I do have an issue with having to pretend biology doesn’t exist. And the ever growing list of my own preferred pronouns, descriptors and adjectives I’m supposedly no longer allowed to use to describe myself and my family members because it might offend someone has gotten way out of hand. But that’s another topic.

I guess what I’m trying to say is we should not judge groups of people based on the extreme members of that group who tend to get a significant amount of attention. Republicans aren’t all Nazis and KKK members. Democrats aren’t all Authoritarian Socialists. Men aren’t all rapists, etc., etc.

I strongly suspect the same can be said of the trans community. So if members of the Trans community want to carry firearms to legally defend themselves from the clear and imminent threats I’m sure more than a few of them have been faced with, I think we should be supporting that effort. Because when some extreme members of that or any other group attempt to harm innocent people for personal or political agendas we all deserve the right to be able to defend ourselves.


I’ve been hoping this is either a joke, or limited to DC.

I’m also wearing my armor.


Limited to DC as far as I can tell and I would guess originally meant to be a non violent protest despite the poorly chosen title. Though I suspect there will be some there that want violence. Especially after what happened in Nashville. There will be a lot of fringe groups on all sides looking at this as an opportunity to promote hate and fear.


It’s not a conspiracy. A National Trans Group is calling for a “Day of Vengeance” from Trans people and their allies for April 1st at the Supreme Court in D.C.

But it could be an elaborate troll/April Fool’s prank.

It was taken seriously enough that Twitter has been blocking accounts on both sides of politics.

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Since when is anything ANTIFA and the alphabet mafia do peaceful?


I don’t think the the LGBTQ plus whatever other letters they’ve added over the last few days are organized enough to be considered a mafia. And while I haven’t interacted with enough Ts to make any judgements I have worked with a couple of the other letters and have 1 of them for an in law. I haven’t found any of them to be the least bit violent.

I don’t know any ANTIFA folks but have read enough to know that whenever they show up at an event they aren’t there to support the cause of the events organizers.


True. And then, they made it OUR business.

Worse, they involved children❗️ #Groomers


Agree. Though I suspect that it is only a small percentage of trans and other alphabet people that are trying to force their views onto others and an even smaller percentage trying to groom kids. Im sure as I type this there are more than a few heterosexual groomers trolling the internet in search of there next victim.


I’ve dealt with Trans male and females both in the work force and in the gym. The one thing that seems to be common amongst them is, they feel abused, disrespected and misunderstood. Does that turn into violence? Maybe.


That’s how I feel when having to fill out a 4473