Training To Win

“Last month I traveled to Ft. Worth to the awesome USCCA Expo where I presented a seminar called “Building A Personal Training Program.” The 1.5 hour seminar focused on the Levels of Firearms Training and how important it is for gun owners to continue training beyond their basic permit to carry class. While there is not enough space to include all the information from the seminar, I will highlight some of the most important aspects. So lets begin by differentiating between training of and practice.”


When you train you are learning new skills, when you practice your taking what you have already learned and keeping your skills sharp. It is important to do both, train and practice.



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I will submit that I thought I had my stance and draw down in 1996 when I started working with NAVSPECWAR and I did. But I learned a better methodology. It probably took me 2 years to “UN - learn” my old habits. I practiced and practiced the “new” form and yet when I got stressed I went back to the old. Sometimes you have to train when practicing.

Stress (whether physical or mental) is the ultimate teacher and trainer. Do 50 pushup’s, run a half mile, do wind sprints to your gun and back. Stress your body and see if your mind follows. I don’t have a good way to stress the mind other than a “surprise” which is hard to inflict for real. Physical stress is the only way to weaken your mind so your body just “reacts”. When you are so tired you are just going through the motions is when you find out what you will do when it really counts.




Thank you for your wisdom brother @Craig6 and well said. :+1::+1: