Automaticity: Who Wins, Who Loses and Why!

Below is an blog post I cobbled together from the information I garnered from a couple of very good instructors I have trained with in the past. It looks at who wins gun fights and why, some shocking stats on just how much training and experience violent criminals have, and why most owners might be prioritizing the wrong things !


@ChadW Thanks, good post. :+1:

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Thank you for sharing this! It conveys significant facts to people who are presently invested in themselves, those who are thinking about it, and those who truly need to. Another interesting note about violent criminals is their level of confidence; manufactured or real, they believe they will win.

I am glad the title includes the word “Win”! It is important to understand that in a violent confrontation, there is a difference between Winning and Surviving!

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If anyone thinks that “it can’t happen here,” that person is automatically at a disadvantage. While those who carry seem outwardly to be prepared, mentally; that may not be the case.


I was always taught not to train until you get it right, but to train (repetition) until you no longer get it wrong. This usually means training way beyond the point where 99% of people get restless and bored with the routine and think they are no longer “being challenged.” Then you have to do some maintenance reps on a weekly basis to stay fresh. If you wish to perform physical skills at a high level, this is the path to success.


Great article. Thanks for sharing.

While I am new to CC, I do have 2 guns. A Stoger STR 9 that is FDE and 1 that is Black. One is my EDC and the other is for home defense. I did that on purpose so everything about the guns are the same. If crap hit the fan I didn’t want my wife or kids to have to figure out how to use them. I have taken them all to the range and they can fire it. I do wish they would train more but I at least know they can point and click.

I personally want to continue my training and take more courses and or join a local shooting team. Ammo shortage and pandemic is putting a hold on that.

Thanks again for sharing.