Training on a budget

I have a SW Shield 380 for EDC. I haven’t carried yet, due to not being comfortable yet. I’d love to get some more training and fast! I’ve heard of dry fire videos and I do have a basic handgun course certificate from the local county Sherriffs department. I’ve been to a FOP range recently. Any other Ideas that will give me real world training that won’t cost a few hundred bucks? Thanks!

I suggest saving up for the training. What I’m doing right now. What training I gained from the military helps, but there’s no such thing as enough training.

Everyone’s budget is different. I would caution looking for “cheap” training. Look for reputable trainers. Yes it’ll cost more but you’ll also learn good habits.

An option would be to save up for the USCCA expo in Kansas City next year. Look for discounted or free seminars.

Welcome!!! Good training does not come cheap as you have already figured out. IMHO 380’s aren’t cheap to feed either, so save your brass as reloading goes a long way to getting more ammo to train with once you pass the initial investment. That said putting rounds on target is the only way to truly become proficient .

Dry fire is free and makes you proficient with YOUR weapon.

Look into some different options in the air soft world and I am almost positive they make an “all metal” version of your pistol. Spring guns are cheaper to buy and feed but are not realistic and may teach you unwanted habits like racking the slide for every shot. CO2 guns are more expensive and you have to have CO2 to make them run like reality.

I will suggest that you bite the bullet (pun there) and take one good instructor led course to ensure that you have the mechanical fundamentals down so that when you do go shoot on your own you are training yourself CORRECTLY.

Most instructors do what they do not for the $$$$ but because they love it and most of them have real jobs to pay the bills unless they are part of a group or work at a range. Find the ones that do it as a side hustle. They are the ones that won’t mind 6 weeks / months after taking a course getting a video of you shooting asking for a critique of your form, position grip etc. Establish a relationship with your instructor.

The gun world is pretty friendly as far as it goes and there are lot’s of nice folks out there willing to help. That said EVERYBODY has an opinion on MOST topics and some are more vocal about them than others. Understand that Instructor XYZ may teach this method while instructor ABC teaches another method and BOTH may be absolutely correct but completely different. Have the good grace and intellectual curiosity to try a different instructors method as opposed to resisting and saying “I was taught this way”. You learn from everyone even if it is the thing or method that you do not want to do.